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Most viewed - The Contestants
326 viewsWinnifred takes the LONG way around the stage.
324 viewsHer opponent is truly happy for her too, having just won a Lincoln and a Corvette. And she didn't even win both showcases! Imagine if THAT happened!
324 viewsFinally, Edgar wins with 75ยข! Bob said they wouldn't be able to air "The Young and the Restless" that day because this Showdown had taken so long! Bob looked pretty tired by the time he pitched to the commercial break.
321 viewsA Phone Home player wishes her partner well.
320 views"But it's not!" says Victoria, who memorized a list of 200 prices before getting on the show.
320 viewsMany people come to TPIR to win prizes. Ethel had something else in mind. "I had a dream about you, Bob, so I had to come down. I dreamt you were chasing me in the hayloft!"
320 viewsDanielle starts to come alive as they wheel out the Lincoln for Lucky Seven.
320 viewsYvonne managed to throw the ball and get it stuck on top of the win circle! Bob couldn't reach the ball because of the netting, so it was just left there.
319 viewsAfter a bad first throw that hit the lights, she underhanded her second biscuit into the basket and won!
318 viewsBut as quickly as Mary Ella fainted, she was back on her feet.
316 viewsCathy has five dollars left and one number left! Sure winner, right?
316 viewsAfter a poll of the audience, Bob decided to let the tradition continue. Eventually, though, the practice was discontinued.
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