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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

Most viewed - The Contestants
468 viewsSometimes, one punch is all you need...she wins $10,000.
460 viewsJudy's all ready to play! Notice how sedate the audience is on this 1973 show. It's an older crowd, better dressed, and a quieter bunch too. Male contestants frequently dressed in jackets and ties, and women in housedresses almost always brought their purses with them. In the 1980's the show started skewing younger, and now the audience is composed primarily of college kids in their school colors and uberfans with their custom T-shirts.
449 viewsDaniel was more than a little excited when he won an $8,560 car!
448 views1993: Amanda's thrill turns to horror as the wheel looks like it's going to kick over to 15, which would give her a tie and force a spinoff! YOU MAKE THE CALL!
446 viewsAt that point she'd won the game because she got an extra turn if she got the fourth number wrong! And she needed it! The board has five numbers left -- the least the board can show at the end! Brava, Tanya!
444 viewsBryan didn't realize that the green section meant he won an additional $5,000 in his bonus spin. Here's a nice shot of their graphic from 1986.
444 viewsAnother "Shell Game" fiasco: this time, they replaced the familiar yellow ball with new blue one. But this one doesn't roll as easily under the shell. Look closely at the first shell, and you'll see it rolling up to reveal the ball as Bob shuffles the shells.
444 viewsBob loves to toy with contestants during "Temptation," stalling the final digit's reveal as long as he can.
444 viewsAnnie never stops moving...but this time she's taking a victory lap around the stage, weaving around cameras, nearly running into poor Roger Dobkowitz. She must have really wanted that Jeep!
443 views...and from 1990.
436 viewsBob finally has enough. "Dora, I've been doing this show for a long time. But how I ever ran into you, I do not know!"
435 viewsHere is Bob - being surprised by a Samoan! Her first move was to place the straw hat he's holding on his head. THEN she picked him up and spun him around.
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