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Most viewed - The Contestants
435 viewsAngela holds her commemorative rose as Bob Barker congratulates her on winning over $7000 on Valentine's Day 1973, a very high total for a daytime show. What was special about her win? She won a Schierich bar base, a Levitz Love seat, a Chevrolet Vega, and two Toyota Corollas. She may well be the first player on the show to ever win three cars.
427 viewsDanielle Torres and her jaunt into the TPIR record books.
427 viewsAnnie in action celebrating the very thought of winning a jeep. But hold on, haven't even played the game, yet!!
424 viewsWith four chips having landed in 0, Bob trusts Dian to drop the final chip! But her chip lands in a zero as well!
424 viewsSure enough, Winnifred wins the recliner, and can't wait to try it out!
410 views"The Price is Right" has long been a favorite with the college crowd! But sometimes Bob worries about his safety when the partying starts on stage!
409 viewsBob drops his chip, and it lands in the $1000 slot.
405 viewsA contestant spins $ .90 in the showcase showdown from the first permanent hour-long show in 1975. Note that the familiar green sections didn't premiere when the Big Wheel itself did! Note that the handles we're familiar with today were originally red handlebar-style pegs when the wheel debuted.
403 viewsTPIR doesn't get weirder than this. In 1987, Mary is shown winning the pricing game Most Expensive.
403 viewsYou know what they say about dynamite coming in small packages! When Alexandra found out she was going to play 'Plinko' for a possible $25,000 prize back in 1986, she couldn't contain her enthusiasm. Barker's ready to run for cover!
401 viewsTwelve years later, that woman who picked Bob up, spun him around, and gave him a nosebleed (as he claimed) returned to pay Bob a visit and haunt him with painful memories. Muusolia was told by Bob, "I will never forget you!"
401 viewsShe got the first number right, then the second, and then the fifth! It came down to one choice for the third number and two for the fourth!
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