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Most viewed - The Contestants
356 viewsBut the contestant was the only person in the studio who DIDN'T notice. She managed to win after the audience told her which shell to place a chip in front of. Bob shows off the new ball and explains to her what she missed.
356 viewsTossing his price holder in the air, Bob jokes about the quick win: "Well, what do you want to do now?"
355 viewsThis priceless reaction brought to you by Plinko, and $5000.
355 viewsNot just a winner, but a legend!
354 viewsBob has always said that a man who gives away a lot of refrigerators tends to get hugged a lot. That goes for Lincolns, too, as a player gives his thanks after she's made it all the way down the Golden Road.
354 viewsLisa in 1990 did what only one other person had done...
352 viewsThat same episode gave us one of the 1970s' best-remembered players, Crying Guadalupe. She learns she's about to win a game room playing her pricing game.
352 viewsBarker is surprised at all she doesn't win in the living room set. "No carpeting, no plants, no's hardly worth it! Wanna go sit down?"
352 viewsVan may be small, but she packs a wallop. So Bob will take a seat while Rod reads his copy.
351 viewsBob started one very memorable 1976 episode by announcing that a contestant had thrown a shoe.
351 viewsAnd a long day for Bob gets longer.
351 viewsUm, no. She said "9"! And it was a 3! She LOSES!
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