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Most viewed - The Contestants
350 viewsJanice and Dian immediately take to the new step.
350 viewsDespite the bear hug, Bob wasn't injured and congratulated the happy contestant.
349 viewsHere's Elizabeth, who beat the odds when she won her Showcase Showdown with a total of only 30 cents.
348 viewsAs time runs out, Winnifred tells Bob she hopes the one prize she's won is the recliner because she's tired!
347 viewsAnd here's Guadalupe, crying still, having beaten her opponent and advancing to the showcase.
347 viewsLinda Cardellini from "Freaks & Geeks" becomes the second KNOWN actor or actress to be called to 'Come on Down' prior to her fame.
347 viewsHere is a contestant, reaching into the $100 pocket! This practice was ended long ago, and now Bob just hands perfect-bid contestants their bonuses.
347 viewsLook out Bob! It's another Samoan contestant excited about winning a big prize. This one may be small, but she's got a strong arm, as she crushes Barker in a bear hug!
345 viewsWhen Barker tried to get Holly to join in, she pointed at him and suggested HE do it instead!
343 viewsYvonne never did get the hang of playing Skeeball. "This has never happened before," Bob said as he walked over to get a closer look.
343 viewsBut Winnifred is slick: she sits on the stage next to the steps and tells Bob she doesn't want to leave him. He sits with her for a moment and tells her that while parting is difficult, she has to get down to Contestant's Row where she belongs!
342 viewsIn this 1983 show, Sheri had eight chances left to win the car, and the numbers 8, 1, 2, 3, and 0. She tried every one of the six valid four-digit combinations (ending in 0) before she won on her eighth chance! What a great player!
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