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1300 viewsHere's a technical look at Pocket Change.
1300 viewsDave is shown here adjusting the price
"box" down the track to correspond to a certain position on the range.
1296 viewsWhen TPiR is done taping a week's worth of shows, the set is struck -- or taken down. Here is a rarely seen shot of a struck set.
1295 viewsNow, if the combination of the three remaining products add up to more than $92, she's a winner. "GENTLEMEN, IT'S POST TIME!"
1285 viewsLee can't see! He's got confetti everywhere. He's brushing it off his glasses before he continues on! Note that the logic behind which showers contain the money and which contain the confetti is never explained.
1280 viewsOne of Adam Sandler's responsibilities is to load the pricing games with the proper graphics prior to the start of the show. He was kind enough to allow our cameras to follow, and here you can see Adam loading the target price into Grand Game.
1279 viewsThis board at the top of the prop would signify how many pennies the contestant had collected from wrong answers. The contestant could continue to play until he or she collected 100 pennies. The values of the guessed prices represented the amount in pennies the contestant would rack up if he or she was incorrect.
1279 viewsHere's Marc with an authentic Penny Ante Penny.
1277 viewsThe Plinko board in storage. You can see the cover that is draped across the front to prevent damage to the pegs. To the right of the board is the back of That's Too Much!
1276 viewsHere are the price displays used in Barker's Markers. Note the amount of dust they have collected over the years!
1275 viewsWow. The classic 3 Strikes bag still resides in Television City.
1272 viewsThis plus sign was used back when the game was known as "3 Strikes +". Today it sits under the gameboard, never to be seen on camera again.
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