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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

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1370 viewsDave is shown here adjusting the price
"box" down the track to correspond to a certain position on the range.
1369 viewsHere are the price displays used in Barker's Markers. Note the amount of dust they have collected over the years!
1369 viewsTo show you how they are attached, there is simply tape on one side and the price will be taped to this so that both the price and the tag do not rip when they are being removed after tapings.
1368 viewsBob decides to show everyone what the correct price was and he pulls the handle down himself.
1366 viewsSomebody is a copy-cat!
1358 viewsHe pulls on the handle and OUT COMES THE KEY!
1357 viewsHere are the 3 "phone numbers" today that will help this contestant win a prize, hopefully the car! One of the numbers is the price of the car in dollars, the other two are the prices of the other two smaller items in dollars and cents.
1357 viewsJohn working dilligently not to go over $21. See how well he's doing?
1356 viewsOne of Adam Sandler's responsibilities is to load the pricing games with the proper graphics prior to the start of the show. He was kind enough to allow our cameras to follow, and here you can see Adam loading the target price into Grand Game.
1355 viewsThat's Too Much, with protective cover.
1351 viewsA production staff member will hold up a cue card to Bob just before the Item Up for Bids to alert him of what game will be played next. Bob has alot going on during a taping and needs to know where to take the contestant to prepare for the next game. Also shown is the sign held up to the audience during Clock Game.
1348 viewsThis shot was taken in the back of the studio, in the open white area in front of the curtains.
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