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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

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1271 viewsIn February 2004, the Showcase podiums were changed so that the score readouts are on top of the prize descriptions. This was done so that Bob no longer needs to bend over to read the prices.
1269 viewsHe's won the first playing of Shower Game on his very first guess! He's taking home a new car!
1268 viewsJohn working dilligently not to go over $21. See how well he's doing?
1265 viewsTo show you how they are attached, there is simply tape on one side and the price will be taped to this so that both the price and the tag do not rip when they are being removed after tapings.
1264 viewsA unique view of Line 'Em Up, Master Key, and the back of Cliffhangers.
1264 viewsThe next few pictures we owe a big debt of gratitude to Adam Sandler and "Big Dave" for allowing us to bring them to you. Here's Big Dave showing our members how the Range Game is loaded, which was a frequently asked question on our site.
1261 viewsThis contestant is the first ever to play the Shower Game. When Bob showed him the game, he began to take his shirt off!
1261 viewsThat's Too Much, with protective cover.
1260 viewsA production staff member will hold up a cue card to Bob just before the Item Up for Bids to alert him of what game will be played next. Bob has alot going on during a taping and needs to know where to take the contestant to prepare for the next game. Also shown is the sign held up to the audience during Clock Game.
1257 viewsA camcorder image taken from the back of the studio.
1257 viewsHi-LO, Money Game, Take Two, Switch?, Freeze Frame, Race Game, Eazy as 123, and the old Shell Game. In the back are props from Credit Card and 5 Price Tags
1255 viewsHere's the back of Temptation. The green electronic 'boxes' are where the price lights up as a contestant makes his or her guess. The brown panel is hinged as you can see, to make the process of loading the digits easier. Finally, on the bottom you can see the mechanism which releases the windows when Bob presses the buttons.
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