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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

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1348 viewsIf you look closely, just before the phone rings and the camera zooms in, the correct phone lights up. Dian's podium is lit indicating that her phone is ringing and that the contestant has won the Toaster.
1348 viewsThe Plinko board in storage. You can see the cover that is draped across the front to prevent damage to the pegs. To the right of the board is the back of That's Too Much!
1348 viewsBackstage at Price are two cabinets filled with $600 Range Game ranges.
1344 viewsA camcorder image taken from the back of the studio.
1340 viewsA unique view of Line 'Em Up, Master Key, and the back of Cliffhangers.
1338 viewsThe next few pictures we owe a big debt of gratitude to Adam Sandler and "Big Dave" for allowing us to bring them to you. Here's Big Dave showing our members how the Range Game is loaded, which was a frequently asked question on our site.
1335 viewsHere's the back of Temptation. The green electronic 'boxes' are where the price lights up as a contestant makes his or her guess. The brown panel is hinged as you can see, to make the process of loading the digits easier. Finally, on the bottom you can see the mechanism which releases the windows when Bob presses the buttons.
1334 viewsHi-LO, Money Game, Take Two, Switch?, Freeze Frame, Race Game, Eazy as 123, and the old Shell Game. In the back are props from Credit Card and 5 Price Tags
1330 viewsMore game graphics sit in this corner. Here you can see a One Away 5. Bet you don't know where the $7565 comes from. That's because it was never shown on TV. This was the card used in early rehearsals of Coming or Going. It was held by a model and used to reveal the right price. This part of the game was eventually taken out.
1328 views$4,752 was the correct price, as can be seen in the background as our host goes out for a commercial. Interestingly enough, when the Shower Game premiered, it was played in the first half of the show. In the second half, yet another game premiered. That game? It's Optional.
1328 viewsOne of the TWO Jokers used on the Show. Here's the Joker card from, what else, 'Joker.'
1326 viewsA close up of the vinyl used in making the game graphics -- in this case, Barker's Markers.
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