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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

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1271 viewsIf you ever get the chance to stand in Contestant's Row, this is what you would see. An arrow that points the contestant in the direction of the correct stairs, as well as two small flashing lights that indicate who the winner is.
1266 viewsThe old Golden Road sign, and the original establishing shot to this website!
1265 viewsElsewhere in the gallery we show you how many turntable games have their own storage platform. Now you see how these platforms line up perfectly with the turntable so that pricing games can be loaded and unloaded with ease.
1261 viewsThis Mercury Villager is one of three automobiles about to be offered to a lucky Triple Play contestant.
1260 viewsHere is the back of the Freeze Frame game. As you can probably surmise, a operator stands behind the gameboard and turns the crank counterclockwise. This makes the numbers on the front of the board revolve. It's interesting to note all of the graffiti on the back of the game. Now or Then is also visible on the right.
1258 viewsHere's a close up photo of the 6 digit Million Dollar Spectacular Showcase Podiums.
1255 viewsA true to life Penny Ante Penny. It's kind of hard to judge the size of it in this photo, but it is approximately 3" around.
1254 viewsTwo games are visible here -- the back of 3 Strikes and the underbody of the Hole in One putting prop.
1254 viewsSome of the Pricing Games which do not involve alot of electronics are stored outside in one of the prize warehouses to keep space available inside the studio. Here you can see Temptation, Barker's Markers, Take Two, Triple Play, and some covered small prize stands from Cliff Hangers.
1244 viewsWe found this written on the back of a pricing game. It’s almost like this was a hint of things to come – as the very same thing happened on the next taping day.
1243 viewsLook towards the top right of this photo. You can see that Amy Remple's then-record win had already been added to the "stat book".
1239 viewsYour walk down the Golden Road begins with these pencil erasers. Not visible on camera, a little reminder is left for Bob as to what the first gimme prize in the game is.
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