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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

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1875 viewsJohn and Scott show us a special Plinko insert that was used on The Craig Kilborn show. Tia Carrera was the guest on this November 28, 2003 broadcast.
1850 viewsThis is the sound effects (SFX) keyboard used to make several of the sounds you hear on the show such as One Away's car horn, Freeze Frame's shutter click, and the Double Showcase win sound effect.
1847 viewsHere is a closeup of the ATM used in the Credit Card game. I wonder what happens if someone were to press "FREE SAMPLES"? Enlarge the picture to see what I mean!
1839 viewsThis hand-written note can be found on the back of the Plinko board. The game premiered 3 months later, January 1983.
1838 viewsThis is the rear of an old Showcase podium. What you see on TV is not always what you get!
1834 viewsWe've moved our logo in this picture so that you can take note of the "penny catcher" at the base of the prop. The clear plastic area used to be in place to catch flying pennies that would roll down the tracks when an incorrect price was selected. In this original version, there were not 3 oversized pennies given to the contestant for mistakes, but rather real pennies flying out of the price flaps!
1790 viewsDouble Prices, One Wrong Price, Cliffhangers, TPiR Train, Superball, and some trip backdrops.
1772 viewsThis is called a "crawl board." It was used at the end of each show before signing off the air. It's been replaced by a graphic and is no longer used.
1755 viewsHere is the sheet that is affixed to the cash register in Grocery Game. Very simple to read and understand.
1730 viewsGrand Game, with protective cover. This picture also gives you a good shot of the backdrops that are often used behind cars. Most of the freestanding backdrops have a second backdrop that is attached behind it. You can see such a case above.
1725 viewsHere's a wide shot of the full Shower Game from the turntable side of the stage. Note that the stall door with the price he's already chosen is "open."
1711 viewsHere are the buttons of the Grocery Game's cash register. This register is truly operated manually.
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