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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

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1628 viewsA prop from the retired game Fortune Hunter, Double Prices, It's in the Bag, Pathfinder, and One Right Price.
1625 viewsHi-LO, Money Game, Take Two, Switch?, Temptation, Freeze Frame, Hole in One, Race Game, Eazy as 123, and Shell Game. You can also see Side By Side right under the word "Lo".
1602 viewsClose up of the side of Dice Game, and the back of One Away. You can also see a prop from It's in the Bag just to the left of Dice Game. The black piece in the left of the picture is the back of Secret X. You'll note the free "X" that Bob picks up at game's start.
1600 viewsHoly soap! It's the Shower Game!
1597 viewsHere are the buttons of the Grocery Game's cash register. This register is truly operated manually.
1595 viewsLook closely to the top. You'll note that this contestant has accumulated 151 pennies, signifying a loss.
1595 viewsHere's a really cool photo of all the "generic" tags used on the show. For games like Most Expensive, the tags are actually thick plastic, and the prices of the items are the same as a Double Prices pricetag, which is simply taped to the back of these above. It's hard to see them all, but from the top we see: That's Too Much, Line 'Em Up, Magic #, the new Check Game tag, the original Check Game tag, and the three tags from Most Expensive.
1586 viewsThis is the computer (circa 1970s) used to register bids in contestant's row. This computer is so outdated, parts for it are no longer available and must be ordered from a junk dealer!
1584 viewsThis is the back of the Credit Card prop.
1580 viewsThis light box is used to create the sparking light effect around the border of the screen during the show's introduction.
1567 viewsHere you see the back of the Danger Price game. Additionally, one of TPiR's most high-tech car backdrops is shown.
1557 viewsWhat a cool angle!
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