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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

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1636 viewsBehind Ten Chances. You can see three blue handles. This is how the game operators control the numbers that seems to "magically float" across the board.
1625 viewsA closeup picture of the Grocery Game's famous cash register. It's an actual cash register that really works, the only difference is the cash drawer doesn't open.
1624 viewsThe new Check Out prop, in the CBS Shop for some final touch-ups.
1623 viewsHoly soap! It's the Shower Game!
1621 viewsMoney Game. Notice the picture of the car the covers the word "money". That picture is actually a small piece of glass that is removable. Next time they play Money Game for a truck, you will not see the car there, but rather a truck.
1619 viewsAnother art card that is no longer used. It was used when a contestant won both showcases and, it too, has been replaced by a graphic.
1613 viewsThe truth about the big wheel sounds: The yellow device on the right is a light sensor that is mounted on the back of the wheel. A wire attached to the light sensor runs over the stage and is attached to the sound keyboard shown elsewhere in the gallery. Looking on the wheel, you will see repeating patters of black and white areas that are directly in the path of the sensor. Every time that the sensor picks up a change in this color, it sends a signal to the sound keyboard to make a "boop". When looking at the wheel on tv, this is the left side of the wheel...the side that is never shown on tv
1612 viewsWhat a cool angle!
1607 viewsThe Graphics Department keeps a master record of every game's graphics and logo. Here you can clearly make out graphics for Punch a Bunch, Make Your Move, and Now or Then.
1585 viewsRace Game's controls! Each of those buttons manually controls the neon light on the game as well as the countdown clock.
1580 viewsHere's the original Race Game curtain. What is it hiding today?
1575 viewsNotice anything different?
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