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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

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1486 viewsA group of pricing games including Flip Flop, Switcheroo, Check Game, and if you look closely, the cash register from Grocery Game.
1484 viewsSqueeze Play, complete with a 2001 paintjob.
1475 viewsRace Game's controls! Each of those buttons manually controls the neon light on the game as well as the countdown clock.
1465 viewsHe pulls the handle and gets sprayed with confetti! That's not the right price of the car. He can now continue on again until he finds that key or wins $100.
1464 viewsJust for kicks, a picture of Bob in front of the first Penny Ante loss in history!
1464 viewsJust which version of Pass The Buck are we playing? Check out the gameboard versus the sticker on the bottom!
1462 viewsHere's a shot of Bullseye on the flip side of the turntable. This picture gives you a good idea of where the games are loaded, and shows you some of the complicated turntable and lighting controls.
1462 viewsDave normally has to run from the back of the game to the front of the game in order to properly line up the price on the range. Today, he was lucky to have Marc assist with part of this task.
1452 viewsThis is Any Number's control box.
1449 viewsBehind One Away. The gray piece is what moves when they start revealing the numbers. You can see some hand-drawn lines, which represent where to stop the slide.
1444 viewsA great shot of Master Key. Note the Sherlock Holmes-style detective smoking a pipe in the top center of the board!
1442 viewsA distance picture of everyone's favorite game, Joker.
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