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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

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1435 viewsA contestant was so upset that she did not get picked that she walked up and pounded on contestants' row after a taping day. Just kidding, of course. Here you see the one-bid readouts as the stage crew prepares to strike the set.
1431 viewsHe's found $100! He gets to keep that, but his chances at winning the car are through.
1423 viewsThis is the back of the Master Key prop that sits center stage, along with the sign that hangs on the turntable wall. The cue card is simply there to remind Bob of the prizes being played for.
1416 viewsThis is an art card used once in TPiR history. That is when the big Plinko sign was in the shop, so they used this graphic instead.
1412 viewsA unique view of Mt. Cliffhangers.
1410 viewsYep, the rumor is true. Every time 10 Chances is played, the old buttons can be found right behind the game board. These buttons were retired because the wiring was no longer working, and suitable equipment to repair the problem could not be found (remember, these buttons were used for about 30 years!).
1405 viewsBehind That's Too Much. Also visible are pieces from Five Price Tags and Clearance Sale.
1404 viewsClock Game has one of the oldest controls on the set.
1401 viewsDave was very kind to us on our visit. He took us to see another amazing piece of equipment on the set. Shown here is the actual controls for Cliff Hangers. Inside this locked box are buttons which correspond with how many steps the mountain climber will take before stopping for each prize. Also, behind all the wiring, you can see 3 mountain climbers stored inside so that they are not damaged during movement around the studio.
1400 viewsThis device controls quite a few things in the studio. It will be programmed with the Showcase bids and handle the price reveals, it also controls the scoreboard on the Big Wheel, and even a few pricing games, like Dice Game.
1394 viewsOn the left is the back of Bullseye. On the right is the back of Check Game.
1387 viewsA close up of the Showcase podium. Note the actual retail price card holder on the right side of the podium.
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