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1479 viewsHere's the price holder for 6-digit Golden Road. This confirms as we reported before that the hundreds digit was concealed.
1476 viewsDave was very kind to us on our visit. He took us to see another amazing piece of equipment on the set. Shown here is the actual controls for Cliff Hangers. Inside this locked box are buttons which correspond with how many steps the mountain climber will take before stopping for each prize. Also, behind all the wiring, you can see 3 mountain climbers stored inside so that they are not damaged during movement around the studio.
1463 viewsThis device controls all of the One Bid displays.
1462 viewsHey, man, when space is tight, even the turntable can be used as a storage area during set striking. Wonder how old that brown trash can is?
1459 viewsPick a number.. Any Number!
1458 viewsLook what John found! Do we all know where it came from?
1457 viewsHe's found $100! He gets to keep that, but his chances at winning the car are through.
1456 viewsThis is what the back of the studio looks like without the multi-colored curtains. Behind the glass is the control room. When other shows (like Hollywood Squares) tape in the studio, this is what it looks like.
1456 viewsJust like a Value Meal at McDonalds, the Let 'Em Roll prop was recently "Super Sized". What took us by surprise was that the prop does not appear to come apart. It is stored backstage is the same condition as you see it on camera.
1455 viewsHere you can see the electrical portion of the Let 'Em Roll dice table. This is not visible on camera.
1451 viewsHere we see the rear of the device that brings us the light border that we see at the start of the show. Look carefully -- you can see some holes where lightbulbs used to be. These bulbs were used back in the day when the light pattern was different.
1439 viewsComing to a station near you: THE MISSING SKIN CAPER. This notice was posted back in the storage area.
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