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1380 viewsJust like a Value Meal at McDonalds, the Let 'Em Roll prop was recently "Super Sized". What took us by surprise was that the prop does not appear to come apart. It is stored backstage is the same condition as you see it on camera.
1380 viewsHere's a closeup of a Cliff Hangers small prize podium. Take note of the fine artwork on the flap which will be covered up with the prize description and never seen on TV!
1377 viewsPick a number.. Any Number!
1373 viewsThis handle controls the now retired Plinko sign. A stagehand used to squat behind the sign, and flip the graphic from "Plinko" to "$50,000".
1372 viewsHere you can see the electrical portion of the Let 'Em Roll dice table. This is not visible on camera.
1363 viewsThe clear plexiglass price is placed inside this box, which is on a movable track which goes up and down the range as needed. Inside the box is the light which will shine through the plexiglass and green strip to produce the price reveal we all know.
1357 viewsLook what John found! Do we all know where it came from?
1356 viewsHey, man, when space is tight, even the turntable can be used as a storage area during set striking. Wonder how old that brown trash can is?
1354 viewsThis device controls all of the One Bid displays.
1351 viewsHere's the price holder for 6-digit Golden Road. This confirms as we reported before that the hundreds digit was concealed.
1349 viewsMany people ask how a "Vane Display" works. As you can see here, the 'flaps' fold inward so that they are not visible looking at the display from straight on. This shot is taken from above, and the center flap is 'hidden' so currently a "0" is being revealed.
1345 viewsTPiR Stage Manager Adam Sandler chats it up with the models during the rehearsal for Master Key.
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