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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

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1343 viewsBob decides to show everyone what the correct price was and he pulls the handle down himself.
1342 viewsComing to a station near you: THE MISSING SKIN CAPER. This notice was posted back in the storage area.
1340 viewsHe pulls on the handle and OUT COMES THE KEY!
1338 viewsThis is what the back of the studio looks like without the multi-colored curtains. Behind the glass is the control room. When other shows (like Hollywood Squares) tape in the studio, this is what it looks like.
1336 viewsThe Plinko sign sitting on the back of the turntable.
1335 viewsHere we see the rear of the device that brings us the light border that we see at the start of the show. Look carefully -- you can see some holes where lightbulbs used to be. These bulbs were used back in the day when the light pattern was different.
1332 viewsLots of people have asked us for this picture over the years, so here it is. This is a full shot of the prize platform used in Bonus Game, Switcheroo, and Shell Game.
1330 viewsWhich of these remaining prices was the correct answer?
1330 viewsA rare view of Lucky Seven from inside Door #3. You can see the neon lights above the numbers that are not visible on camera.
1330 viewsAs contestants climb the stairs to the top of the Pinko board, you will often hear Bob say something like, "You can see the same numbers that we see out here." The numbers that you see in this picture represent the dollar amounts loaded into the slots below.
1325 viewsHere are the 3 "phone numbers" today that will help this contestant win a prize, hopefully the car! One of the numbers is the price of the car in dollars, the other two are the prices of the other two smaller items in dollars and cents.
1325 viewsFresh out of the Art Department, here's a shot of the first new Pricing Game of Season 33, created by our good friend Roger Dobkowitz.
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