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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

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1388 viewsComing to a station near you: THE MISSING SKIN CAPER. This notice was posted back in the storage area.
1388 viewsThe Plinko sign sitting on the back of the turntable.
1387 viewsThis is what the back of the studio looks like without the multi-colored curtains. Behind the glass is the control room. When other shows (like Hollywood Squares) tape in the studio, this is what it looks like.
1383 viewsTPiR Stage Manager Adam Sandler chats it up with the models during the rehearsal for Master Key.
1382 viewsMany people ask how a "Vane Display" works. As you can see here, the 'flaps' fold inward so that they are not visible looking at the display from straight on. This shot is taken from above, and the center flap is 'hidden' so currently a "0" is being revealed.
1381 viewsA wide shot of the back of the big wheel.
1380 viewsThis is the actual pricetag used by Bob Barker in reading the actual retail price of Amy Rempel's showcase on TPiR 6,000. Amy went on to become the biggest winner in TPiR history.
1379 viewsBeing that it's a once-in-a-lifetime event, I wonder what TPiR is doing by keeping this around.
1370 viewsScott Robinson must have an idea, so he is going to call ISC.
1366 viewsWhen Bob reads the actual retail price of a showcase, this is what he's looking at. These cards are placed in a small gray paperboard holder so the prices are concealed.
1361 viewsAs contestants climb the stairs to the top of the Pinko board, you will often hear Bob say something like, "You can see the same numbers that we see out here." The numbers that you see in this picture represent the dollar amounts loaded into the slots below.
1360 viewsWhich of these remaining prices was the correct answer?
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