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1352 viewsWhich of these remaining prices was the correct answer?
1352 viewsFresh out of the Art Department, here's a shot of the first new Pricing Game of Season 33, created by our good friend Roger Dobkowitz.
1350 viewsBob decides to show everyone what the correct price was and he pulls the handle down himself.
1346 viewsHe pulls on the handle and OUT COMES THE KEY!
1343 viewsJohn and Eddie take a moment to review the TPiR "stat book". Does the turntable look different to you? That's because it has been moved to backstage storage.
1342 viewsA variety of games! That's Too Much, Clearance Sale, One Away, and Shopping Spree.
1337 viewsHere are the 3 "phone numbers" today that will help this contestant win a prize, hopefully the car! One of the numbers is the price of the car in dollars, the other two are the prices of the other two smaller items in dollars and cents.
1334 viewsHere is a nice shot of the Check Out scoreboard. You can see the outlines of the win and loss indicators. When was the last time that "win" was lit up?
1328 viewsIf you look closely, just before the phone rings and the camera zooms in, the correct phone lights up. Dian's podium is lit indicating that her phone is ringing and that the contestant has won the Toaster.
1327 viewsHere is the back of Push Over. You can see that some props used in the game are kept below the main prop.
1325 viewsHere's a technical look at Pocket Change.
1324 viewsHere's Marc with an authentic Penny Ante Penny.
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