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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

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1322 viewsBeing that it's a once-in-a-lifetime event, I wonder what TPiR is doing by keeping this around.
1320 viewsThis is the actual pricetag used by Bob Barker in reading the actual retail price of Amy Rempel's showcase on TPiR 6,000. Amy went on to become the biggest winner in TPiR history.
1318 viewsIf you look closely, just before the phone rings and the camera zooms in, the correct phone lights up. Dian's podium is lit indicating that her phone is ringing and that the contestant has won the Toaster.
1316 viewsA variety of games! That's Too Much, Clearance Sale, One Away, and Shopping Spree.
1314 viewsA wide shot of the back of the big wheel.
1312 viewsWhen Bob reads the actual retail price of a showcase, this is what he's looking at. These cards are placed in a small gray paperboard holder so the prices are concealed.
1311 viewsScott Robinson must have an idea, so he is going to call ISC.
1308 viewsHere is a nice shot of the Check Out scoreboard. You can see the outlines of the win and loss indicators. When was the last time that "win" was lit up?
1306 viewsJohn and Eddie take a moment to review the TPiR "stat book". Does the turntable look different to you? That's because it has been moved to backstage storage.
1302 viewsSomebody is a copy-cat!
1301 views$4,752 was the correct price, as can be seen in the background as our host goes out for a commercial. Interestingly enough, when the Shower Game premiered, it was played in the first half of the show. In the second half, yet another game premiered. That game? It's Optional.
1301 viewsHere is the back of Push Over. You can see that some props used in the game are kept below the main prop.
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