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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

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1382 viewsAs contestants climb the stairs to the top of the Pinko board, you will often hear Bob say something like, "You can see the same numbers that we see out here." The numbers that you see in this picture represent the dollar amounts loaded into the slots below.
1381 viewsA rare view of Lucky Seven from inside Door #3. You can see the neon lights above the numbers that are not visible on camera.
1370 viewsWhich of these remaining prices was the correct answer?
1368 viewsA variety of games! That's Too Much, Clearance Sale, One Away, and Shopping Spree.
1362 viewsHere is a nice shot of the Check Out scoreboard. You can see the outlines of the win and loss indicators. When was the last time that "win" was lit up?
1361 viewsBob decides to show everyone what the correct price was and he pulls the handle down himself.
1361 viewsIn February 2004, the Showcase podiums were changed so that the score readouts are on top of the prize descriptions. This was done so that Bob no longer needs to bend over to read the prices.
1360 viewsHere's Marc with an authentic Penny Ante Penny.
1358 viewsHere is the back of Push Over. You can see that some props used in the game are kept below the main prop.
1358 viewsWow. The classic 3 Strikes bag still resides in Television City.
1356 viewsWhen TPiR is done taping a week's worth of shows, the set is struck -- or taken down. Here is a rarely seen shot of a struck set.
1355 viewsHere's a technical look at Pocket Change.
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