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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

Most viewed - Remember When?
577 viewsThere seems to be a problem with staging in this shot. Janice and her podium is practically in front of the Buy or Sell scoreboard. She doesn't seem to mind being the center of attention!
575 viewsJanice Pennington knows how to think on her feet. When a tennis ball machine failed during a one-bid, she didn't get flustered...she just picked up the tennis balls from the bin and threw them herself. Barker complemented her on her ingenuity, then joked that the show had probably just lost a sponsor.
575 viewsHere's the good ol' days of Money Game, where it was played center stage behind the giant price tag...
572 viewsOops! Dian and Holly were given the assignment of revealing the $15,000 top prize for the "Phone Home Game." Unfortunately, for this playing, they were holding the banner backwards, so when they pulled the two retractable scrolls away from each other to reveal the banner, this is what we saw!
571 viewsAnitra Ford knows "You'll love it at Levitz"! And we love us some loveseat!
571 viewsAnitra Ford, model from 1972-1977, was a one-woman Grocery Game on this 1976 episode. Here she is with Baskin Robbins ice cream...
571 viewsRemember that large camera that Johnny would lead us to believe could take pictures of home viewers?
570 viewsWhen announcers were shown on camera, this was a typical shot used to call contestants to "Come On Down!" Here is Rod calling down a contestant in a 1990 episode.
570 viewsOne of the favorite features of the showcase was the many movie spoofs, called Flaky Flicks. One of the greatest ones was Socky.
570 viewsHolly Hallstrom played his plain-jane girlfriend, in a bow to Talia Shire's role as Adrian, the pet shop worker who was Rocky's girlfriend in the actual film. Holly put in a great performance in this showcase despite no dialogue.
570 viewsThe TPIR train makes one of its first Showcase appearances as it brings on a trip sign heralding a European rail excursion. The train would thereafter be featured once every few weeks as it chugged into the train depot, loaded with prizes. The train's "wah-waaaah" wolf whistle was taken from the soundtrack of an old Three Stooges short.
569 viewsWhenever prizes were presented on the turntable in the 1970's, all the lights in the studio went down except for a spot on the prize. Then Barker was lit up as he asked for the opening bid, after which point the studio lights returned to normal.
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