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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

Most viewed - Remember When?
569 viewsRemember that scary-lookin' skull who was the unofficial mascot for "Danger Price"?
567 viewsDian can't get the cookware price to reveal during this 1990 playing of Danger Price. Janice just looks on, not offering any help to the troubled Dian!
566 viewsThe cameraman catches Rod at an unusual angle in this episode. Rod's looking spiffy in this bright yellow blazer!
566 viewsHere's Now...AND Then, as seen in 1984.
565 viewsThis player was hoping to draw a small card on her last pull. It was a ten. Any card would have helped, but the ten gave her one of the best wins in Card Game history (1976).
565 viewsIt's "Wok" of Fame! Terrible joke, we know. We couldn't resist!
564 viewsWatch out for a man flailing his Plinko Stick...especially when the contestant has scored all three prizes! (With that boat in the background he looks like a swashbuckler!)
562 viewsHere is a picture of the old style flooring in front of contestant's row from the late 1970s.
560 viewsIt was one "puny" spin too many! Bob gets fed up with a contestant that didn't get the wheel all the way around and shows her how to do it.
560 viewsBut Johnny's class wasn't all burnouts and losers. His star pupil was poodle-skirted goody-good Dian, who always had the right answers.
560 viewsYes, there was a time where 0s and numbers higher than 6 appeared in Dice Game. You young 'uns have it easy now. :-P
558 viewsDian looks sharp in this scene from a 1976 show.
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