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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

Most viewed - Remember When?
562 viewsBut Johnny's class wasn't all burnouts and losers. His star pupil was poodle-skirted goody-good Dian, who always had the right answers.
562 viewsA painful Check Game loss, losing by only $12! Janice is in the process of voiding the check.
561 viewsRod Roddy making an on-camera appearance during a showcase, taking the dreaded 'Announcer's Test.' The scripts were chock full of difficult tongue twisters that Rod was almost always able to master with ease.
559 viewsWhat a handsome dude!
559 viewsNot even your luggage is safe with Holly.
559 viewsHere's the original Safe Crackers design.
558 viewsHere's the woman whom Janice explained the Check Game to, after she won. Janice asks, "How about me?" after she hugs Bob.
557 viewsWhen Hole in One started, Bob would always tell the audience, "I have never missed a putt!" The audience would then catcall and boo, which may have reminded him of his many visits to "Match Game".
556 viewsVeteran emcee Tom Kennedy hosted the nighttime syndicated version of the show in the mid 1980's.
556 viewsThe first week of the fourth season was "Anniversary Week," which consisted of five hour-long shows as experiments. Obviously, the experiment worked.
556 viewsThis Dennis James episode taped on 9/4/72 -- the very same day that the Barker daytime show premiered.
555 views...Johnny Olson! Diana tells Johnny to get something to cover her weather girl up, if not for the sake of the newscast, for the sake of the Showcase.
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