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Most viewed - Remember When?
555 viewsJon Darby takes time out from "The Young and the Restless" taping to visit his girlfriend, Holly. They were quite the item for about two years back in the 1980's.
555 viewsA nice shot of the original Showcase Showdown scoreboard as Barker walks the first contestant to her place. It is speculated that the scoreboard was redone to prevent so many contestants from hitting their head on the old design.
554 viewsLucky Seven as it appeared in 1982.
551 viewsEven Rod has to admit "It's much harder than it looks!" And he wasn't even playing for a car!
551 viewsAnd here's Socky, a professional boxer on his way up in the world. Sure he won fights, but he lost more than his share too, and many of his opponents regarded him as just a punching bag.
550 viewsDuring the Check Game, the contestant starts asking Janice what she should write the check for! Bob decides to have fun...
550 viewsAugust 19, 1972 was a big day for game show fans: it was the day that the first episode of 'The New Price is Right' was recorded on Stage 33 at CBS Television City. The rest as they say is history--and, as Bob would say, "Still lots more to do!"
549 viewsA flustered Bob on contestants who can't get the wheel all the way around: "I see these people and I want to kick 'em in the ankles!"
547 viewsBy 1975, Price switched to a cleaner, easier-to-read typeface that was similar to the one used for the ticket plug.
547 viewsBob reminds us to watch the show next week for the premiere of The Phone Home Game.
546 viewsThe Big Wheel as it appeared during the experimental hour-long shows in 1975. This wheel was similar in concept to the Star Wheel from "Match Game." The sports-style read-out in the center of the wheel displayed the contestant's spin.
545 views"Would you believe that? She got TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS!"
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