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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

Most viewed - Remember When?
550 viewsTwo things wrong here. He's on the wrong side of the stage and he's undressing. He was called out for a copy clarification after he ducked out during Game Six to change clothes for the Showcase. (Now there's a lost art...announcers changing clothes for the Showcase!)
550 views"Would you believe that? She got TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS!"
550 viewsIt's the new Card Game! The big change is that aces can now represent any amount and can be used at any time. And there's an opening bid of $2000.
549 viewsAnd I KNOW you all aren't looking at the a spa!
548 views...and Smuckers Grape Jelly.
548 viewsAnother Showcase staple was the Price Is Right Giant Crossword Puzzle, which in fact was only slightly taller than Janice.
548 viewsBob picks on Janice, who looked over his shoulder while he was taking a peek at the next slip in 'Punch a Bunch.' He's imitating her reaction (at seeing the $10,000 slip), which he says completely blew the suspense he was trying to build. One of several funny moments between Bob and Janice on this game over the years.
548 viewsHere is Squeeze Play out in the middle of the stage. Its original colorway was a very classy blue and white scheme.
546 viewsHolly is probably thinking about lunch right now.
546 viewsAnd for you logo freaks, here's another of TPIR's five-digit expansions, Deluxe Dice Game.
545 viewsBut the real way to get value for money at the drivein? Take a motorhome! Love that sign.
545 viewsHere is a wide shot of all four models showing off "a wonderful array of prizes" during the Credit Card game.
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