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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

Most viewed - Remember When?
542 viewsHere is a wide shot of all four models showing off "a wonderful array of prizes" during the Credit Card game.
541 viewsAfter rummaging around backstage, Johnny finds a Chinook camper which will do the job.
540 viewsNotice something odd about the sliding door to the van? Janice was driving it out onto the stage for a playing of 'Lucky Seven' on the 26th season premiere, when the door got caught on the side of the turntable. As Barker made fun of the situation -- and Janice's driving -- she explained that in rehearsals, the door had been closed! Wonder if the California Highway Patrol would have accepted that as an excuse?
539 viewsDuring this playing of Trader Bob, Janice collided with another prize causing the price tag to reveal itself. Bob suggests to the producers that they would have more winners if they played all the pricing games this way!
538 viewsRod is seen here wearing a sparkily blueish hat (sent to him by a fan), which matches his sparkily blueish jacket! Bob said "Rod, you look kinda cute!"
538 views'Give or Keep' was a popular game in the early years of the show. Here was its mid-70's set up.
538 viewsThe second set of 'Most Expensive' pylons were rounded with bold numbers. As you can see on Pylon #3, the original designs also held the price signs as today's "antique" neon versions do.
537 viewsThe board held anywhere from eight to ten options, a price generally around $1000, and an option limit (usually between three and five).
536 viewsEven in 1976 Bob was telling contestants, "Don't touch the chip."
536 viewsThe lovely Janice Pennington tells all during a Barker's Beauties interview in the mid 80's.
536 viewsDecember 1986: The game's the same, but the name's new. "This is an all new game," says Bob, "because it really is 'now or then'." The price can't very well be both now AND then, now, can it?
535 viewsDiana Voracious, head of programming at the network, offers the weather girl $1000 cash not to carry out the stunt. Most Flaky Flick showcases included the cash in order to give the story as much time as possible to play out. Some Showcases back then clocked in at just over four minutes, a lot of time for a Showcase back then.
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