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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

Most viewed - Remember When?
535 viewsTo the strains of Rossini's "William Tell Overture", the race is run. Bob puts extra drama on the second leg. "Will the hurdler get over this hurdle?" The contestant is smiling because he will, and smiled again when she won, thanks to a faulty prop.
534 viewsAnd Diana and her assistant can relax, for now anyway...the contestant won this showcase and will soon be driving the camper off the stage!
534 viewsIf Bob looks confused, it's because he is. He has mixed up the rules of the "Second Chance" in Punch-A-Bunch, mistakenly assuming that the contestant gets to keep the amount on the "Second Chance" slip regardless of whether they go on or stop. A producer is trying to set the record straight.
534 viewsCan the phone player bring the on stage player up to $7500 cash?
533 viewsThe nitwork's sultry weather girl announces she's going to do something which would be a TV first in order to bump up the show's ratings.
533 viewsLooks like Dian might just hit Bob! She always liked to poke him when he mildly put her down.
532 viewsRod mugs for the camera after a quick cameo to repeat a detail about an item up for bids.
532 viewsOriginally, the credits were all printed in the typeface now commonly referred to as 'Pricedown.' While this look maintained continuity with the show's logo, it made for some credits that were very difficult to read while the credit roll was in motion.
532 viewsSpelling Bee makes its first appearance in September 1988. The only change the staging of this game has had was the addition of the frequency chart (11 C's, 11 A's, 6 R's, 2 CAR's). The yellow and black honeycomb scheme endures today -- and it's a very sharp look.
531 viewsAnother popular 70's showcase was Johnny's Schoolhouse, where Professor Johnny tried to give lessons to two rowdy youths. Initially Johnny did pre-recorded copy for this one, but in time the stage portions were miked and Johnny, Holly and Janice all had speaking parts.
530 viewsSomebody is standing offstage who wastes no time handing Betty her paperwork.
529 viewsAnd the Bullseye range was originally $9 to $10, close to what it is today. That alone made the game harder when many prices of items were still 79 cents and 59 cents.
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