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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

Most viewed - Remember When?
528 viewsJohnny says you can win "TWO NEW CARS!" What's the game?
528 viewsThe TPIR general store is open for business in the classy, rustic set for Trader Bob, a game which unwittingly spawned the more recent Step Up.
527 viewsWell, the Wayback machine went WAAAY BACK this time...back before the premiere of 'The Price is Right' when Bob Barker was hosting 'Truth or Consequences.' His exposure on this stunt show brought him to the attention of Goodson-Todman and CBS, who wanted him to host the daytime version of 'TPIR.'
527 viewsPeople love Bob, but just as many loved Johnny. Here, one woman brandished a pennant with her heart's desire.
527 viewsAnother version of the Goodson Todman credit roll. Chanel, the blonde model on the right, was filling in for Holly during this week of Christmas shows in 1982.
527 viewsThe stylized title that introduced the Grand Game in the 1980's.
526 views'Well, they're young and they'll understand!' When Lilie was called to "come on down," she came on up on stage. Bob asked her how she was going to explain it to the three contestants waiting to win their way up. Her response clearly delighted Bob and got huge laughs from the audience.
526 viewsEven Holly got into the act kidding Bob about his troubles with Samoan women. Big John asked this woman what she would do if she met Bob. "I would grab him so hard his feet would not touch the ground and carry him all the way back to Samoa!"
526 views"Any Number's" current set-up premiered during the 1986 Prime time specials.
525 viewsBob Barker in a 1986 interview on game shows.
525 viewsAt Johnny's carnival Holly can win prizes by shooting the monster (Janice).
525 viewsYour bid is what??? Actually, this was a graphic used for a showcase skit all about "area codes." An area code would be shown and then a trip to that location was offered as part of the prize package.
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