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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

Most viewed - Remember When?
724 viewsWhat do YOU think Bob is saying here?
721 viewsA strike! Holly knocks down her bike and just about takes Janice out with it as well.
716 viewsWill you accept this rose? Bob Cupid leaps out on this show, aired February 14, 1973. He offered roses to all six contestants, and announced that only women would be called to play on the show. He then pointed into the crowd and quipped, "There's a man getting up to leave."
715 viewsHere's Bob Barker entering the studio, complete with the 'Barker Wall' that we all know and love. This picture is from Season 26, or 1997.
708 viewsNo points for writing your guesses using the Gregg method. She's wrong, anyway! (You should all know she's wrong by now.)
705 viewsAnd here's one of those good old Louisville Narz boys destroying the Pick-a-Pair game. He's taken out the price sign as well as the product sign. The masking-tape 3 denotes the dip as the third item described by Gene Wood in this playing.
704 viewsThe original Give or Keep board colorway. All the early game boards had a fixed frame design and different internal mechanisms, and varying depths depending on game mechanisms.Bonus Game, Give Or Keep, Any Number, Bullseye I, Clock Game, 2-Player Auction, and Double Digits (the first board to sport a game name) all had the same basic frame design. Money Game was an elongated variation, and Mystery Price was the first to debut a distinct design.
697 viewsHere's a great shot for two reasons. First, it shows the legendary Johnny Olson, TPIR's first announcer, about to transform himself into superhero 'Captain Klutz.' But as he walked from his lecturn to the main stage, we got a glimpse of the way the credits were made. Just behind him, you can see the "crawl drum," a small device that contains the credits on a long roll of black paper. A motor operates the drum and the paper rolls the credits past the camera lens. To the left is the "short credits" crawl.
697 views"Something for every room in your home." This showcase always had a unique beginning: the stage was dark except for the chase lights around the doors. As the doors opened, revealing silhouettes of the prizes, the full lights would come on so that Johnny could describe the prizes.
693 viewsHere comes Money Game on the turntable. However there is something different about this version...
690 viewsBy the mid 70's, when Bob made his entrance, he was standing in front of the original 'Barker Wall.'
688 viewsAn audience member surprised Rod by bringing her yearbook to the show! It turns out she was a classmate of Rod way back when. When it was time for Rod's cameo, Bob had him hold up the yearbook photo and complemented Rod on how little he'd aged after all those years.
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