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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

Most viewed - Remember When?
687 viewsHere's a nice wide shot of the people lucky enough to be sitting in Studio 33 for the very first taping of 'The New Price is Right.'
687 viewsJanice rockin' out - play that guitar!
679 viewsThe Range Game board started as a blue and white-colored board, but in 1976 it was repainted to better complement the green stage trappings. Take note of how high the price is...if the player let the range go all the way up, she would have won.
672 viewsJohnny Olson joins Dian Parkinson, Holly Hallstrom, and Janice Pennington in a showcase skit. This one contained prizes revealed as the models took a tour of the Orient. Johnny played a waiter in a Chinese restaurant who served up prizes.
672 viewsIn this playing of Credit Card, a malfunction causes all of the markers to rise, revealing the correct answers as well as the incorrect ones.
671 viewsA rare tel-op slide, used by local stations -- and even the Network itself -- when something went wrong. This one, featuring Bob, Janice, Dian and Holly, was used some time around 1987.
669 viewsJeanne and Margaret, the first two bidders, are instructed to look at the next item up for bids. They mistakenly believe the next item will be the Plinko sign.
668 viewsOops! Our next game will be called "Fire That Production Assistant!" This on-air blooper led to the contestant winning a $17,000 motor home in 1983.
667 viewsThis episode was from Johnny Olson's final Christmas week with the show. Here, he and Holly are sporting tennis outfits. It's interesting to note that director Marc Breslow often used wipe patterns as borders to showcase certain prizes. This episode aired in December, 1985, two months after Johnny's death.
663 viewsTom Kennedy -- not the contestant -- asks if he has two numbers right. Note the original neon sign.
663 viewsHere's the logo used as a bumper shot in the nighttime syndicated version. This logo was shown after the winner of the showcase was revealed leading into a consolation prize plug that happened just before the credit roll. How '80's can you get?
663 viewsTime for another Flaky Flick, Nitwork.
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