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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

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669 viewsTime for another Flaky Flick, Nitwork.
664 viewsBob introduces America to the Big Wheel in the first permanent hour-long show from 1975. There were no green sections and no "bonus" spin -- only a $1,000 bonus for getting $1.00 in one or two spins.
660 viewsThis oughta be good. The doors aren't open all the way and the sign's out.
660 viewsYears ago, when Bob would pitch to a commercial from the turntable, he'd position himself in front of the turntable itself and we'd see the game being spun away. The clock in the "Clock Game" would reset as it spun around. Here's Janice and the "Grocery Game" going bye-bye in the background.
655 viewsWHEN GAMES COLLIDE! On another occasion where a Super Ball got stuck on the top of the ring, Janice brought out Barker's Plinko Stick to get the thing loose. (The contestant even got credited with the $50 for the practice ball!) Barker said "This game doesn't know that's a Plinko Stick...that's why it worked!"
654 viewsThe actual retail price is....
653 viewsRod Roddy is about to call a lucky contestant to "Come on down" on the first show of the 15th year of "The Price is Right." This also marked the start of Rod's first full season as announcer on the show.
652 viewsMarch 1988: Bob let Rod Roddy make an inspiration putt because "a grown man started to cry" when Bob talked about how all the models had putted.
652 viewsFrom a 1982 show, it's truly a family affair as Bob's mom Tilly and brother Kent are in the audience. Looks a lot like Bob, doesn't he?
647 viewsHere's the big wheel, with original pink dollar logo design and green sections, from early 1986.
647 viewsBefore the greens and the metallics took hold, and well before the game was christened, the Bonus Game was a melange of tans and oranges with a black border. And it was played about every three days. The game is played less frequently now, but the board retains its now-classic look.
645 viewsBob tells the contestant she stopped on a nickel and that she needed to spin again. Hold on there! Bob finally realizes that the "9" fell off the side of the big wheel and the contestant wins with 95 cents!
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