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Most viewed - Remember When?
633 viewsThe Giant Price Tag has undergone several designs over the years. Here's the "modern" look used in the mid-1980's.
633 viewsBob tells the contestant she stopped on a nickel and that she needed to spin again. Hold on there! Bob finally realizes that the "9" fell off the side of the big wheel and the contestant wins with 95 cents!
632 viewsRod Roddy, having officially become Johnny Olson's permanent replacement at the mic.
632 viewsHere's the big wheel, with original pink dollar logo design and green sections, from early 1986.
628 viewsLong before the 'Magic Red Curtain,' there was the 'Magic Gold Curtain!' The curtain isn't normally seen on camera, but this time, it was used to reveal the Poker Game.
624 viewsBob realizes he wore black shoes with his blue suit. A stagehand fetches the blue shoes from his dressing room and delays "3 Strikes" just long enough to make the switch. He joked that he was going for "Best Dressed Host" that year.
623 viewsThe good old days when Rod's jackets were just one color not commonly found in nature.
618 viewsBob Barker signs off from the first episode. Paul, the top winner, takes home a mere $4000+ in prizes, which includes a new car! After Bob signed off, the turntable just started spinning for no apparent reason.
617 viewsIsn't that cute! A little combo Washer and Dryer for when you have only three shirts to do. Even as early as 1973, Janice had her style down.
616 viewsHere is the first set-up for 'Any Number' in the familiar original shape. This playing is from 1975.
616 viewsThis contestant from 1988 is about to walk the Golden Road - our namesake game!
615 viewsBob stands next to the original Hi-Lo table.
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