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Most viewed - Remember When?
294 viewsIt was down to two shells: the last one she had a chip in front of and the one she'd already exposed. Bob: "You've ruined my show! You've ruined my game. This would be exciting...but everybody KNOWS the damned thing's not here!"
293 viewsA kit? Could they be more vague? (The prize in question was actually two pairs of Vise-Grip pliers.)
292 viewsBob and Dian explain that the dog pictured on the "Dog Gone Good Gas Pump" has been neutered!
290 viewsHer next throw bounced off of the back of the Skeeball board and rolled back down the ramp. "Can you believe what's happening to me on this?!? She's thrown every ball all over the place and she's only won $50 bucks!"
290 viewsHe grabs that ball back from her. "I suppose you think you're going to get to roll that ball again. Well, you're not! You've already had more rolls than anyone else in the history of this game!" In the end, Yvonne wound up with a mere $200, yet landed a spot in the record books.
290 viewsThis Chevy Sprint hatchback was offered on the show back in 1986. It was valued at less than $7,000! It came with standard features, manual transmission, and AM radio.
285 viewsDora may look innocent enough, but she turns a simple game of "Temptation" upside down!
284 viewsMary Ella couldn't believe her eyes when she saw the showcase in one of the 1986 Prime time specials.
282 viewsWinning more than $42,000 in prizes was just too much for her! As she hugged Bob, she slumped to the floor!
278 viewsDeborah was a terrific sport, laughing at herself throughout the bit, and Bob was sure to keep the hilarity going.
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