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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

Most viewed - Remember When?
614 viewsFour digit Temptation, before it was converted to five digit Temptation (thanks to inflation!).
613 viewsThen Phil has to call the booth and bust some heads when the buzzer doesn't ring for an overbid.
613 viewsIn the early days of the Grand Game, the Giant Price Tag would be all the way down, meaning the top of the sign could be seen in the opening shot. They now routinely keep the price tag about a foot off the ground when the game is played, plus they use a different opening shot so the surprise isn't spoiled for the home audience.
611 viewsClock Game is being played by two people: a contestant at home will also win the same prizes the on stage woman wins in the game. Note the side-by-side staging of the Play Along stand and the Clock Game board.
610 viewsBut it wasn't as easy as picking air conditioning and power steering every time...this sailor was stymied by the price of a heavy-duty battery and he fell short by about $80.
606 views...It's 5 digit Money Game! No, it's not Big Money Game, either. Big Money game provided contestants with the last digit. This is a rarer version that used the old style of game board but gave contestants the middle number as it is presented today.
604 viewsWho's been messing with Barker's putter?
601 viewsThis is the 1990s version of the Plinko board. In this episode, the Plinko chip gets stuck on the peg above the $1,000 slot. The Plinko board was eventually redesigned, possibly because of recurring incidents such as this one.
600 viewsA more casual -- and angry -- Bob Barker, being interviewed early in 1987, when he left the Miss USA pageant when the producers refused to drop furs from the prize package. The incident became known as the "Fur Flap," and raised more public awareness about accusations of animal exploitation in the fur industry than any other single incident.
600 viewsBob tries to make sense of a message from the staff: a game had been loaded incorrectly in the previous act...Bob awards the contestant the prize after all.
600 viewsTPIR's answer to the Penn Relays, Hurdles. You may be able to see that something's up for this play of the game.
600 views...along with an excellent camera shot as the car was revealed!
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