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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

Most viewed - Remember When?
600 viewsCheck out the pink border around contestant's row from this syndicated nighttime episode from 1985. This border was also used in the daytime version.
598 viewsBob Barker as he appeared from the beginning of 'The Price is Right.' On the first episode, he assured fans of the original version of 'TPIR' that they'd love the new surprises waiting for them!
597 viewsThe OTN game prop featured chase lights and neon sports figures inspired by Olympic event graphics. Nice lookin' set! This was the game's fourth playing, with the previous three being basketball shoot, softball throw, and football pass.
596 viewsBarker threatens to beat Dian with his Plinko stick if she doesn't get a move on!
596 viewsIn 1987, Bob Barker did what other emcees almost never did: he renounced hair dye and allowed his hair to go gray. It was a shock to the studio audience because it hadn't been publicized in advance; it was a shock to the home audience because the change came in the middle of a week.
595 viewsA graphic long since gone. This is how the contestant and the big wheel were displayed in one shot during the showcase showdown.
594 viewsHere, the credits go haywire for a moment as a glare hits the crawl board. The camera shooting the crawl board is photographing white letters on a black background. The switcher electronically removes the black area but gets confused by the sudden burst of light, causing this embarrassing effect.
593 viewsThrough divine intervention, Socky wins the title, beating opponent Johnny Jock with a lucky punch. His girlfriend accepts $1000 prize money and goes with Socky on a South American cruise. Dian and Jan (behind Socky) were the "cornermen" for the bout.
593 viewsAdd Em Up, a short lived but intriguing number logic game, was played for about four years in the 1980's.
590 viewsHe's been called one of the greatest announcers in the business. The late Johnny Olson made 'Come on Down' a part of Americana. He was the voice of the show from its premiere in 1972 until his death in October, 1985.
589 viewsAnd here's the special five digit version of 3 Strikes.
585 viewsLike hang-gliding? Then you'll love Jan's Happy Legs pants!
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