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Most viewed - Remember When?
602 viewsThe first permanent hour-long show from October 1975 also saw the first winner in Golden Road.
602 viewsRound and round the prizes go! Where they stop -- nobody knows! The original ferris-wheel staging for "Pick-a-Pair"!
601 viewsAnd there is an excited Betty as the show comes to a close.
600 viewsBob and Janice nearly get zapped when she tries to push the bulb back together, causing a giant spark!
600 viewsThe Add 'Em Up price prop originally had the Add 'Em Up logo on top, but it was subsequently removed when the game Pathfinder premiered, since the price display was also used on that game.
599 viewsRemember that scary-lookin' skull who was the unofficial mascot for "Danger Price"?
597 viewsHere's the good ol' days of Money Game, where it was played center stage behind the giant price tag...
596 viewsJanice Pennington knows how to think on her feet. When a tennis ball machine failed during a one-bid, she didn't get flustered...she just picked up the tennis balls from the bin and threw them herself. Barker complemented her on her ingenuity, then joked that the show had probably just lost a sponsor.
596 viewsThere seems to be a problem with staging in this shot. Janice and her podium is practically in front of the Buy or Sell scoreboard. She doesn't seem to mind being the center of attention!
595 viewsHere's a shot of the audience applauding Bob's entrance. This unusual angle is taken by the same camera that shows Bob receiving his microphone. Announcer Rod Roddy whips the crowd into a frenzy just before showtime.
594 viewsAnitra Ford knows "You'll love it at Levitz"! And we love us some loveseat!
594 viewsAnitra Ford, model from 1972-1977, was a one-woman Grocery Game on this 1976 episode. Here she is with Baskin Robbins ice cream...
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