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585 viewsBob and Janice nearly get zapped when she tries to push the bulb back together, causing a giant spark!
584 viewsRound and round the prizes go! Where they stop -- nobody knows! The original ferris-wheel staging for "Pick-a-Pair"!
583 viewsThe first permanent hour-long show from October 1975 also saw the first winner in Golden Road.
582 viewsHere's a shot of the audience applauding Bob's entrance. This unusual angle is taken by the same camera that shows Bob receiving his microphone. Announcer Rod Roddy whips the crowd into a frenzy just before showtime.
580 viewsThe Add 'Em Up price prop originally had the Add 'Em Up logo on top, but it was subsequently removed when the game Pathfinder premiered, since the price display was also used on that game.
579 viewsJohnny Olson, TPIR's first announcer, about to transform himself into superhero 'Captain Klutz.' Just over his shoulder is the crawl board that shows the "short credits," the "MGBT" logo, the Television City credit, and the show logo. And just to the left is the tall board used to display the promotional consideration credits. Note its shape: by being curved inward it prevented the individual lines from being distorted, an effect known as "keystoning." A camera would tilt down each board, which would make the information "roll" up the screen.
579 viewsIt's time to play "Bump," and Janice and Dian are ready to play, and picking on ol' Barker with their tennis shoes!
579 viewsHere's a dirty trick! Instead of the usual number distribution with three potential first half numbers, they used each double-digit pair other than 00! And yes, on occasion they have used 00!
578 viewsDuring 5 Price Tags, this contestants tries to pick her own Price right off the board! Bob quickly tries to reach up and stop her, but she pulls off the tag anyway and wins the car on her first pick!
578 viewsA blooper win on "Range Game." The contestant pressed the STOP button, but the rangefinder didn't stop. They moved the rangefinder back, but when she didn't win, Bob awarded her the prize anyway, joking that everyone at home would say, "Barker, you're a bum!" if he didn't give her the prize.
578 viewsAnd there is an excited Betty as the show comes to a close.
577 viewsYou want heartbreak? How about poor Dolores, who actually lost Hole in One in 1982 after getting all six products in order and winning a putt from the closest line! She didn't push the ball hard enough. And this was well before the two-putt rule was in place.
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