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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

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391 viewsThey don't even hide the big wheel. Do you know enough about binoculars, crock pots and water filters
391 viewsAargh! Even if Joker is called "Les 4 as" (4 Aces), it's still scary! (Note the same shape, but bland colors of the prop.)
391 viewsCan you guess what game this contestant is playing? Yeah! Lucky 7! Actually, it's called "For One Dollar" and it's played with 7 one dollar coins. (Loonies)
391 viewsA long shot of the set which is very similar to the US set
391 viewsLater, in Let 'Em Roll's history, they ditched the grocery items and switched to a On The Nose scoring system. Can you pick the exact price from the 3?
389 viewsThis version of Price has the coolest big doors anywhere. The doors open diagonally! This prize package contains a Great Barrier reef holiday, sun care products and clothing
389 viewsNope...a common American trap fooled this guy. It was actually $670
389 viewsBy this point in the shows run, Pearson is a co-producer in name
388 viewsThis lady can win it playing Let 'Em Roll. I think this table is smaller even than the first US one
387 viewsThe set-up for Chia Khoa Vang should look familiar
386 viewsShe won! £7,339
385 viewsA new car! and don't forget the luggage
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