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CSS Results for September 18

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What a way to begin the 35th season of TPiR! A DSW on stage worth $122,828, breaking the daytime record for winnings. Most Expensive played for three cars, and won! Double Prices for a boat (take note of that price, everyone, $18,994 may be useful for future CSS playings).

Unfortunately, CSS didn't get off to such a rip-roaring start. Including the Stage Player, there were 14 overbids to only 10 people getting points. Most of these were due to a new car being offered, a Saturn SKY that wasn't nearly as expensive as some people thought it was. Three more overbids were just pushing it a bit too far with the Viper showcase, which didn't actually break $90K. Interestingly, nobody overbid on BOTH showcases.

Today's winner starts off the season with a bang, and... er... well... it's me. :-D

PGS25 gets a boatload of money for besting my Viper bid by a few hundred dollars, and Joe_Mello Plinko-Doubled (on top of coming in second) and gets a boatload of points, though no money.

Oh yes, and as a surprise too, I doubled the points today to celebrate the start of the season!!

Results for September 18, 2006 - Game 1 of the season

WOO HOO.. cgts to BT and what indeed a phenomenal show..  I was happy to be 2nd on the Saturn of people who didn't go over.. but I figured the Viper SC to be 72 ish and I backed off for safety-- had no idea I would be garffing so astoundingly.. anywho.. was so good to be back  and so excited to have my morning routine re-established !! :)

Man, if I had known what the heck a Saturn Sky was, I would've had an awesome performance. I did pretty good on the Viper.

Overbid in CSS for Season 35......check.
Willy of the Century in CSS.......check. I was telling Tom over AIM earlier......that Saturn Sky SC was an FRCarS.  I thought that thing would be super expensive, not knowing that the 2nd SC would bring a Viper (and DSW) with it.

Congrats to all who did well today.  Here's to non-overbids tomorrow!  :-)

Oh so close to winning the money for the Sky showcase, but at least reading car magazines paid off once.  Well, you wouldn't know it seeing my bid on the Viper, but it's always nice to get points, especially when they're suprisingly doubled.


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