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CSS Results for September 19


Ahoy, me CSS maties! Today, she be a good day in CSS for all of ye who scored points, with no true GARFs and a bottom point score o' over 78. Unfortuantely fer some of ye, the FRSailboat (she be a seaworthy vessel, aye, that's fer sure) was a wee bit too tricky. Poor Heels went over by only $55.

But there be some bloody good biddin' today. Paul Miller gets the first chat DSW of the season, an' three other of ye seaworthy folk guessed within $1000 of the price o' the boat. Way down the list, Ol' Sea Dog Searcy got the only sub-$1000 difference on the furniture ('tis a showcase for the landlubber, fer sure) and picks up some pieces of eight for the triumph.

And why, pray tell, am I writin' like I be straight outta Treasure Island, CSS edition? It be Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Results for September 19, 2006 - Game 2

I wonder why they never have a National Talk Like A Ninja Day.....

Aside from my usual conservative play on FurniTrip Showcases, another respectable outing.  I think I'll try to repeat that for the next week or two before trying to develop that killer instinct that has eluded me for the past 2 seasons.

...$55. Ugh. That's all I have to say.

WOO HOO 2nd on a boat  after being one of the 10 to not go over yesterday..  i will take it !! and now everyone a big sigh for heels... awwwwwwwwww   55 dollars is a killer

 I am still only angry i backed out of my DSW bid of 17777 on da furniture.. oh well.. don't want to be a greedy pirate.

Arrrrrrrrrr.....time for Heels to walk de plank mateys (sp?)!  :-D

Ludwig, thanks for backing out of $17,777.....I needed some money to start off the season, being the greedy lil' dingbat that I am.  :lol:

Good game by all today.  Good luck tomorrow.......we might need it.   :-)


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