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well I thought I would bring up new like sports.

Here is my question

what kind of sports do you like to play or watch.

I like to watch basketball,football, hockey, baseball only if i'm actually there.

I like to play basketball, tennis, Bowling, pool,

Watch: Basketball, hockey, football, baseball (but like Brian, only if I'm there or doing something else while watching)

Play: Basketball, bowling, pool, soccer.

I referee soccer as well, in season, looking to move toward other sports.

Play- Basketball, baseball, volleyball, football, hockey, tennis, bowling, pool

Watch- Basketball, baseball, football, hockey, trick shot pool and bowling

Watch: Golf, football, racing, bowling

Play: Golf, bowling, softball

I used to watch far more sports, but selfishness, arrogance and corruption have made the majority of sports unwatchable anymore.

Play: Pretty much just basketball, but for fun I like bowling, and I'm actually kind of good at it.

Watch (in order): Basketball (mostly college, but I'll wach the NBA Playoffs), football (just NFL), baseball (somewhat), golf (only if it's the majors), and hockey (only if the Hurricanes are the in the playoffs, which they are now :-)).


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