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New news about Deal or No Deal


I just found out from a DoND message board I'm signed up with. For all of you other Deal or No Deal fans they've come up with a brand new home game. From what I've read, it won't be out until June or July. Here is a link I found for more info:

This is deja vu.  How about keeping Deal or No Deal news to the Deal or No Deal thread?  Or is it that big of a game show that it needs several threads running at the same time?

I agree with what CV said; you've definitely done this before, so I don't know why you haven't gotten a clue. Not to mention this isn't really new news (the game was promoted on the show itself), and the thread title is misleading (when I read it, I thought there was going to be some important news about the show).

Wow, first locked thread of the new board.

Catdog, you have been asked this before: PLEASE keep all "Deal or No Deal" news in its own post. DO NOT start any more "Deal or No Deal" posts. Thank you.



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