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CSS Leaderboard: 10/13/2006 (After 4 Weeks/19 Games)
« on: October 13, 2006, 04:22:54 PM »
Except for the abscence of a game on Wednesday, this week rocked.  We had the two lowest differences on showcases all year, and our very first QSW of the season, coming from BRB_TheFireball (who now has his own category of scoring on my leaderboard :-D ) on Tuesday.  He also DSWed on Friday, but was beaten by LiteBulb88, who also DSWed.  Also picking up wins this week were Gatorman, who became the second player with two wins this season on Monday, and Ludwig, with an impressive DSW on Thursday.



1.  LudwigMackdaddy - picked up the lowest difference thus far this season, with a $6 difference on the Vibe showcase on Thursday worth just under $19K;
2.  SteveGavazzi - though going over on the other showcase, picked up a DSW-quality $12 difference on te $16K cruise showcase on Tuesday;
3.  BRB_TheFireball - as part of his QSW, picked up a $48 difference on the snowmobile showcase worth UNDER $12K.


1.  BRB - The lowest difference in two seasons, $172 away on the cruise/snowmobile combo worth almost $28K;
2.  LiteBulb88 - In winning on Friday, picked up a $3,857 total difference on the Singapore/FRTS combo worth just under $44K;
3.  Joe_Mello - Though Ludwig stole the show on Thursday, Joe scored the lowest total difference, $4,269 on the Vibe/living room combo worth over $44K.


1.  BRB_TheFireball - $111,392!  (Tuesday)
2.  LudwigMackdaddy - $96,884 (Thursday and Friday)
3.  LiteBulb88 - $90,782 (Friday)

Some pretty impressive scores this week, gentlemen!  :-)

Week 4 Leaderboard (HTML)

[EDIT: The Graphic Leaderboard is now below. Sorry for the delay]

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Re: CSS Leaderboard: 10/13/2006 (After 4 Weeks)
« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2006, 10:09:30 PM »
I'm gonna crawl above the line one of these days, just got to keep working at it
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