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Two WoF Questions


1.  Does anyone know the prize distribution in the Bonus Round?

2.  Last year, there was a show with 7 puzzle rounds.  Is that a record?

I don't know the new distribution, but I am sure somebody here has it down

The 7 rounds has to be a record. Just by the shear fact that 7 rounds weren't possible in the shopping era without a doubt.

Wikipedia has it. Here it is for you.

* Six (6) envelopes containing one car.
* Six (6) envelopes containing the other car.
* Six (6) envelopes containing $25,000.
* One (1) envelope each containing $30K, $35K, $40K, $45K, $50K, and $100,000.

You know, speaking of records, I think we have another record for this season! I have counted no less than 6 times that somebody won the $100,000 this whole season! Last season, I think the only time somebody won it was with those 2 overly excited teens, when they guessed "FLIP FLOPS!!!" I also remember a painful loss of $100,000 this season, with "VANITY FAIR." But I think this definitely holds the record for how many times per season that $100,000 has been won.

I have my own question about WoF: Is the old puzzle board still in the Smithsonian Institute in D.C, the one they retired in 1997? I read in a website that it's there but I wanna make sure before I go on my trip to D.C. in June.


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