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I decided to try to get some actual work done on the timeline this afternoon...and since I quickly discovered I was getting nowhere with Seasons 8 & 9, I figured I'd post some questions in the hope that some of you guys might have the answers.

Secret "X" has had more set changes than I can keep track of.  I know of its original color scheme, the color scheme seen here, and the current color scheme -- most with several minor alterations.  Does anyone know of any I haven't mentioned, and can anyone narrow down when they were in use?  Also, does anyone know which color scheme it had on the Hit Me debut episode?

Does anyone know when the gold logo or the baseball drawings first appeared on the 3 Strikes board...or even any time that they were there before 1980?

Can anyone narrow down beyond "sometime around 1980 or 1981" when the current color schemes appeared for Bonus Game and Five Price Tags?

Does anyone know of any playings of Double Prices behind the Giant Price Tag after about the middle of 1980?

Does anyone know which patterns were used on the spinning panel of the Turntable wall on the premieres of Check-Out or Pick a Pair?

Can anyone narrow down when in 1981 or 1982 Money Game and Squeeze Play were moved to the Turntable?

Does anyone know how long the stripes remained behind the numbers on the original Lucky Seven board?

Can anyone narrow down when the current version of the Temptation logo appeared?

Does anyone know how long it took for the normal price colors or the comma in "$10,000.00" to be added to Grand Game?  I know neither change had been made by Pauline's episode.

Does anyone know when Now....and Then's normal colors first appeared?

Does anyone know which Barker Wall was used on the Season 11 premiere?

Does anyone remember how long On the Nose was played?  I've seen estimates of as few as five times and as long as the entire 13th season.

I know this is a lot, guys...but the faster we get these answered, the faster I can get more timelines up! :-)

Since Check-Out debuted in the very early portion of 1982, the original stucco walls were used. I'm not sure about Pick-A-pair.

...actually, that wasn't the right question.  I meant to ask about the spinning panel.  I've edited the original post so that it actually says what I wanted it to say.

(For what it's worth, the stationary walls didn't change until either the very last episodes of 1982 or the first episode of 1983.)

The spinning panel was solid red on one side and had a brown zig-zag stripes on the game side in late 1981 and I'm pretty sure that that design was used through most of 1982.

Double Prices was still being played behind the giant price tag fairly regularly as late as 1983. They even played it for a trip there at that time-- they used a small trip display.


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