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Atinale el Precio 2010, programa #2
« on: April 30, 2010, 11:46:21 AM »
Just for fun, here's a rundown of the second episode of mexico's "Atinale el Precio", which means somewhere in between "Bid the Price" and "Get the Price".

OPENING SPIEL: "Regresa el rey de los programas de concurso! Atinale el precio, con Chedraui! Aqui esta, celebrando 25 anos de carrera y regalando sonrisas a montones...marco Antonio Regil!"

For those not in the know, that means: "The king of game shows is back! The Price is Right, with Chedraui! Here he is-- celebrating a 25-year career giving away smiles to thousands, Marco Antonio Regil!"

OPENING DIFFERENCE: On this version, the show opens with an animation of many of the pricing game titles in neon next to the Big Wheel, which pans over to a movie theatre advertising the premiere of the new Atinale on the marquee. The announcer, Julio Cesar Palomera, then introduces the emcee, Marco Antonio Regil; Marco says a quick  greeting and introduces the announcer, who then calls down the first four contestants. Julio Cesar has a different little calldown phrase for each person that he uses before he says his version of "Come on down"...things like "Fortune is calling", or "Get ready to win", or "It's your lucky day". Incidentally, on this show, "come on down" becomes a lengthy "Come down to contestants' row, and bid the price!"

I'm not going to bother with last names here; just be content knowing our first four are Alejandro, Laila, Mike*, and Karina.

*American names are much more popular in Mexico than I was aware of. There have been a few on Atinale so far.

"The first prize to bid on", or IUFB#1 is...:

1. Una batidora electrica (an electric mixer)

KARINA........$1000 "cerrados" (one thousand even)

Precio de compra ("buying price"): $4223. Mike is our first ganador/winner!

Marco introduces the next game as an "Atinale el Precio Classic", El Cambalache. That means "The Swap", but we call it "Switch?". Mike's playing for:

Secadora electrica (Clothes dryer)...$7,700
Sillon reclinable (recliner).................$6,822

Mike decides to make a "cambalache", but no music is played with the switching action. In true Barker fashion, marco says: "I would love to start with a winner on today's show...does he win?"

SI, SENOR!! (Another frequently-heard phrase on Atinale) The dryer was $6,822, and the recliner was $7,700. Mike has done well.

We go straight to our next calldown; very few commercial breaks in this version, for reasons I'll explain later.

the next contestant is Maru, who in her own words, is very excited ("emocionada"). Marco asks if she's a housewife (still the usual occupation for female contestants), and she says ("It's a little weird, but...") she's taking a course in "thanatoasthetics"...or as Marco responds, "You make up corpses?!". Marco welcomes Maru and states that he hopes not to need her professional services anytime soon.

Next prize, behind the giant price tag:

2. "Una maquina planchadora" (steam press)


Precio de comprar: $4206! Time for Karina!

The frankly gorgeous Karina gets to hear what Marco calls "the magic words": "CIEN MIL PESOS JUGANDO PLINKO!"...or "One hundred thousand pesos, playing Plinko!"

Marco asks Karina if she remembers Plinko, but she doesn't (How refreshingly honest!). Marco says Plinko is one of the most popular games, and notes that now the winning amounts have increased. The center slot is $20,000, which comes to around $1,600 American dollars. The zeros are in the usual spots, but other than that, everything's different. On the left, there's 1 thousand, 3 thousand, and 5 thousand pesos; and on the right, we have 10 thousand, 4 thousand, and 2 thousand pesos. No symmetry here, but better money amounts if you don't hit the big one...after all, if you miss $20,000 pesos you can still get $10,000...imagine if one of our $1,000 slots was replaced with a $5,000. Although with the exchange rate, all the lesser values are still under $1,000.

On a related note, Plinko is still being played with grocery items instead of small prizes, because they generally have 2-digit prices.

First item, chopsticks, marked $18...Karina guesses the 1 is right and wins.
Next, deodorizer spray, $52...Karina chooses the 2 is right.
Third is bird food, $29...she picks 2 and gets another chip.
Last, body wash, $47...Karina says 4 and is perfect!

A couple other Mexican Plinko notes...Marco also has a Plinko stick which he keeps at the ready throughout the's several feet long. Also, this version has Plinko chip-dropping music, which I could do without. As for karina's winnings:

Chip 1: $5000
Chip 2: STUCK right between zero and $20,000. marco makes a big show of knocking it into $20,000...and it counts!!
Chip 3: $1000
Chip 4: $3000
Chip 5: $0

A total of $29,000 in pesos...maybe about $2500 American. That's a good haul for Atinale...about double an average pricing game package.

The new contestant is Paco and we go on with:

3. una maquina de chicle (a gumball machine, 900 ball capacity)

PACO............$3500 (he says "gum included")
MARU............"un peso". Marco comments, "She knows this game."

Precio: $4850; pretty expensive for an Atinale IUFB.

Laila wins, comes on stage and jumps into Marco's arms. She asks "Will you carry me?" and helps herself to Marco's microphone. The audience is delighted. Laila asks "How much do I weigh? Atinale..." Marco, uncomfortable, stammers, "Without going over?" Note that Laila is not particularly overweight, but marco still struggles to yhold her while he introduces her prize...

She's playing for a 4-door Chevrolet "Chevy"...that's all, just a "Chevy"...a car that's too small even for a name, and not sold in America, to my knowledge. It's smaller than even an Aveo, but appears to be considered a normal subcompact in Mexico.

The game is "TANQUE LLENO" ("Full tank"), which is a "juego nuevo"--new game--on Atinale: Gas Money. Marco says that in addition to the car, she can win enough money to keep her tank full for a long time...$35,000 pesos. A surprisingly huge amount- this is more than the top prize offered in their Punch-a-Bunch, but still only $3,000 US.

Possible prices are $112846, $115227, $119628, $123569, and $127495. In case you're not a math person, those prices are pretty close together. Laila asks, "If I faint, will you carry me again?" Marco claims "This is the best offer I've gotten since we started."

Going by the original Gas Money rules, Laila first freezes $119628 as her choice for the price of the "Chevy".

Then she picks $123569, and on the back it says...AUTO! Game over.

Marco asks Julio Cesar, "If I want to be a party of this party, what do I have to do?" Julio Cesar gives the snail mail and email addresses of the ticket dispensaries. On to La Ruleta, which is the Showcase Showdown.

Leila spins first: 25 + 65, 90 centavos total.
Mike: UN PESO!

We have "Empate en peso"; "a tie at a dollar" so we have a combination spinoff/ bonus spin. In Mexico the bonus payoff system is also different: $5,000 for the nickel, $15,000 for 15 cents, and for the peso....: UN AUTO! It's in fact a nicely equipped Chevy Camaro, which is prices higher in Mexico than it is here, coming to around $450,000 pesos, or US$37,000.

Mike's bonus spin lands him on $0.65,
but Karina beats him with $0.95. She'll spin again later to qualify for El gran paquete.

Part 2 coming momentarily.
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Re: Atinale el Precio 2010, programa #2
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Commercial break time. Since ads for discount store Chedraui are scattered thorought the show itself, there aren't many commercial breaks. It features a phone in Atinale game, Double Prices for a blender. You phone up one number if you think it's 2000 pesos, and another if you think it's 5700 pesos. Pretty easy, but just one correct person wins 50,000 pesos.

Now for act 4, which introduces Adela, and the next one-bid item:

4. Bicicletas para nino y nina (A boy's and a girl's bike) A Chedraui plug is inserted here.


Precio: $4116

Marco takes Adela and introduces her to the Cajera Automatico, which means ATM, and is the equivalent of our Credit Card game. The credit card says her limit is $13,500 and she plays for "una fabulosa feria de premios": A fabulous fair of prizes:

A fax & netbook, an acoustic guitar, a dishwasher, a "frigobar" (minifridge), and a treadmill.

Adela first chooses the netbook and fax, which has a price of $5093, prompting an "uh-oh!" from marco.
She goes for the guitar next, a good choice at $3225. Her next prize must be under $4458 if I've calculated right.
She takes the frigobar--worth $3949--and gets to take it all home.

5. We meet Laura and the next item up for bids is

Una caja fuerte/ a safe


Precio: $1774...Paco's dodgy peso bid takes it, and he goes for:

This time it's a Chevy Optra, which would probably be considered a midsize car there, although we'd call it a compact. the game is another clasico: "Uno arriba, uno abajo"
The wrong price is $261352, but in the correct price, each number is One Away from the wrong number shown. Dios mio, but this is hard with six numbers. $172261 is Paco's choice, and to find out how many numbers he has right, he must talk sweetly to "la guera". I'm sorry to say I haven't been able to find out what a "guera" is. On the first number he asks, "Guera, do I have at least one number right?". By the third number, Marco has changed it to "Beautiful guera". For the fourth, it's "Little guera, I missed you". For the fifth, "Guera, amor mio". And last, as Paco is it find out if he takes the car in one guess, he must say "Guera, I'll leave my wife--" Marco stops himself and changes to "Guera, I'll adopt you if I win a new car..."

But he doesn't. He has 5 numbers right. He goes from $172261 to $172263, a small change, but the audience seems to doubt him. They reveal it number by number,  and make it to the fifth number, which turns out to be a 4. Precio correcto, $172241, which I don't think anybody here would have picked.

6. Our last act now, with Alejandro getting ready to become a member of "El club de desayuno para los primeros cuatro", introduces new contestant Andres. Prize...

Autoestereo (car stereo)


Precio: $3439 Laura wins! Maybe Maru will do a makeup job on Alejandro.

Laura tells Marco "You don't remember, but we took our picture together in an airport." She then whispers a little more to him, to the excitement of the audience, and he says "You don't say!". After a little more discussion, he says "But I always fall asleep on planes." Laura answers, "I woke you up, sweetie."

Laura is going to play "un juego nuevo", a new game which is not at all new to us, Hi-Lo, or in Mexico: El Derroche. that means, the Splurge. The point is "to spend money" by buying the three most expensive items. before the prize is introduced, we see the items are:

table salt
meat extract seasoning
corn kernels
sweet and sour sauce ("salsa agridulce", a literal translation)
white tuna

And if she manages to pick the three most expensive of those, she gets: a "Barcelona living room" with tables, worth $13,962...just over a thousand dollars.

Laura picks the meat extract, the cinnamon, and the tuna, which are worth, respectively, $67.08, $55.13, and $49. If all the others are worth less, she will, Marco says "Make a landing on that sofa". The kernels are $13.40, the salt is $23. Marco instructs Laura to prepare to circle the runway and fly in for a landing on the couch if the agridulce sauce is less than $49, and...

Si, senor!! It's $37.82, and Laura does as instructed, with her wings spread like a jet.

RULETA 2: (That's roulette, did you figure that out?)

Contestants not appearing on stage get a combined foot and hand spa.

Paco spins 35 and 5 for a total of 40.
Laura gets 40 and 5, for a total of 45.
Adela beats them both with a single spin of 70.

Now Adela and Karina face-off in a single spin to determine who will play for the showcase. Marco emphatically tells them this spin cannot win them any bonus prizes, even if they get the peso.

Karina gets a promising 80, and Adela can only come up with 40; Karina advances.

The showcase is called El Gran Paquete, which translates into "The Big Package". I'll give you a moment to snicker.

Like in most similar versions, a number of different ranges flash on "our high-definition screen", going from $5,000 to $30,000. These are fiarly small ranges. marco hits the button to demonstrate and wins a range of $20,000. When Karina tries it she only gets $10,000. So, she must bid within $10,000 pesos of her paquete without giong over.

So, on to her prizes:

A mini-stereo
An entertainment console, with
LCD tv, DVD player and video game system
An assortment of goofy chairs (baseball shaped, catcher's mitt chaped)
An assortment of goofy wire figurines
UN AUTO, another "Chevy", this time a 3-door model.

It's all hers if she bids right, and she chooses $150,000. Is she right?

Marco pulls the card and reads ever so slowly "One hundred......fifty thousand...nine fifty-one!" She wins with an incredibly close difference of $951 pesos, around 80 dollars American! Her boyfriend bounds on stage and says something I can't quite catch, and Karina bursts into tears as they embrace. "You have a new car!", Marco says many times, the big screen says GANADOR (winner), and that's the show. She did quite well for Atniale, with various prizes, plus a car and 29,000 pesos in cash. Marco doesn't mention her final total, but it's MX$185,267. Marco closes with a simple "Thank you, and see us again on "Atinale el Precio".
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