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CaseyBuck has done it again!!


I know he doesn't need me to plug his site and since the original post of his in the archives I will start it new here.  After the great full Cliffhangers cue, Casey has brought us a gem from the Merv Griffin Library.  Check out his page and listen to the closing theme from Jeoprady! 1979!!  Just in case, here is the link.

I don't know how you do it Casey, but all I can say is keep up the AWESOME quality of work!!  


Dude, I also saw some DOND sounds on there too, and they're awesome! You're the man, Casey! Now, if only you could find the current Jeopardy theme in a clear version, you'd be my hero. I've been looking for that theme for quite some time (as well as some people on the Jeopardy message board, too).

I had never realized this, but the Jeopardy theme there is actually a variation of one of the prize cues used on Wheel during the shopping era.  Thanks Casey.

Not surprisingly since they are both Merv Griffin productions and both themes were composed by Merv Griffin (unless the Wheel cue you're thinking of was one of the original cues composed by Alan Thicke).


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