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Here's how I handle the Showcase Showdown:

Before my contestants spin the Wheel, they give me two numbers between 1 and 20. I then use the List Randomizer to include amounts from 5 to 100, and then for each contestant, I correspond the number they gave me with the resulting amount. I then click the Again button for each subsequent spin, matching the contestant's number with the resulting amount. I also give the contestants a minimum stopping score, so I will know whether or not I have to re-shuffle the amounts again. If the first amount is equal to or more than the contestant's minimum score (unless that contestant is required to spin again), I only use the first number. If it's less, I re-shuffle and then take the second number, with its corresponding amount.

For example:

Contestant A picks 1 and 17, and gives 65 cents as the minimum stopping score.

1=45; since the amount is less, I must click Again
17=30; total of 75

Contestant B picks 4 and 18, and gives 70 cents as the minimum stopping score.

4=85; since the amount is more, I move onto the next contestant
18=Not needed

Contestant C picks 2 and 14, and gives 75 cents as the minimum stopping score.

2=55; since the amount is less than the leader; I must click Again
14=70; Contestant C is over!

Contestant B wins this SCSD with a score of 85.

Simple concept, isn't it?  :biggrin:

My formula basically allowed for some enormous spins.  I don't think anyone had ever not gotten the wheel around at least three times before.  Either way, even if someone did figure out the formula, it would've been difficult to use effectively, since it would require pretty precise timing on the contestant's part, since the time posted played a role.

But anyway, the wheel moved the number of spaces that the contestant chose, plus the last two numbers in the contestant's user number (in Army's case, for example, his user number is 1043, so 43 would've been added to whatever number Army chose).  This number was added to the "seconds" that the contestant made their post for the first spin, or to the "minutes" that the contestant made their post for the second spin.

For example, let's say Army was the first spinner, and at if Army was the first spinner, and at 1:55:48 PM, gave 4 for his first spin, and 15 for his second spin.  His first spin would have moved 43 + 48 + 4 spaces:  95 spaces total.  Which would've put him on 45.  His second spin would have moved 43 + 55 + 15 spaces:  113 spaces total, which from the 45, would have put him on 55, and he'd have $1.00!

In a spinoff or bonus spin, the seconds would be added to the contestant's number and their user number.

Guess if I ever need another formula, I'll just come up with another one.  Lots of fun formulas you can concoct for the wheel spinning, anyway.

I haven't hosted a game in roughly five years(!), but I also avoided games like Hole in One, On the Nose, Superball, Clock Game, etc.

For Shell Game, I chose right away where the ball would be. I know I never did Spelling Bee, and I don't believe I did Bonus Game either. I did however do Professor Price for some strange reason, but I don't remember exactly what I did when the number was not in the car (and one of the numbers wasn't). I may have simply not revealed it and moved on, or I showed it anyway. It was one of the two.

For the wheel, I spread out 20 playing cards and assigned each a value (2 of hearts was .05, 2 of diamonds .10, etc) all the way to a dollar. The contestant chose a number, and "spun" whatever was under that card. I did something similar with Three Strikes (the cards matched the number in the price of course, and the Joker was the one strike).

For the record, when I do the Showcase Showdown, I use's List Generator using all of the spaces on the Wheel. Thus, the contestant picks a number 1-20, and whatever number is allotted to the number they selected is what they spin.

(i.e. if I used 14 and #14 on the list is 100, I would've spun a dollar.)


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