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TPIR (Philippines) - February 15, 2011 (Episode #2)
« on: February 18, 2011, 01:06:09 AM »
This time i will inspire plinko2000 to do it!, for this Philippines TPIR Episode

Ella, Juan Eugene, Divina, Hannah comes on down

Item #1: Photo Organizer
Ella: P350
Juan Eugene: P765
Divina: P600
Hannah: P3500

ARP: P4980

Hannah Wins and plays Easy as 1-2-3 for a set of Black and Decker Power Tools, Blackberry Smartphone (Western Appliances), Gas Range and Cue #14 is the Cue

Block #1: Gas Range
Block #2: Smartphone
Block #3: Power Tools

Gas Range: P29,995
Smartphone: P24,500 (LOSS)
Power Tools: P23,272

Jas comes on down

IUFB #2: Coconut Sticklet and The Cats is the Cue

Jas: P6,500
Ella: P5,900
Juan Eugene: P425
Divina: P300

ARP: P6,390

Ella wins and plays Hole In One (or Two) Panasonic Home Entertainment Package (Western Appliance) with a MES One TV Rack (Ambiance One) and Track #12 from the Tom Kennedy Additions Package (as heard on TVPMM) as the cue

Products (accompanied by Bhen in the Background):
Handy Gloves
Dieshibinnge Ice Tray
Toot Sung-Song Peanuts
Wheat Noodles
100 grams Hot Dilis

Ella picks Dilis, Ice Tray, Wheat Noodles, Peanuts, Gloves, Hair Brush
Result: Dilis (P32.50), Ice Tray (P36.75), Wheat Noodles (P82.50), Peanuts (P116.80), Gloves (P169.75), Hair Brush (P469.75)

Ella gets the P5,000 bonus and a chance for the Home Entertainment Center
Kris Inspiration Putt: Just Missed
Ella's Putt: Just Missed
Ella's 2nd Putt: WIN!

Showcase Showdown:
Hannah: First spin is .45, second spin is .40, total is .85
Ella: First spin is .05, second spin is .15 NOT ENOUGH, HANNAH WINS!

Ella leaves with P67,370 and Hannah goes to Sudden Death

Marissa comes on down

IUFB #3: Telephone Booth Coin Bank and The Cats is the Cue

Marissa: P1,800
Juan Eugene: P1,850
Divina: P1,500
Jas: P900

ARP: P1,495

Jas wins and plays Double Prices for a Panasonic Refrigerator (Western Appliance) and Second Thoughts is the Cue

P28,999 or P34,999, chooses P34,999 WIN!

John Carlo come on Down

IUFB #4: Nickel and Silver Coated Globe Bookends

John Carlo: P3,500
Marrissa: P4,200
Juan Eugene: P3,200
Divina: P5,000

ARP: P6,800

Divina wins and plays Punchabunch for P100,000 and Showcase V1 (from TVPMM) as the Cue

Pop Up Mosquito Net, Priced at P400
Divina says false
ARP: P499.75 (RIGHT)

Candle Holders, priced at P550
Divina says false

Colorful Bottle Decors, priced at P450
Divina says False

Wooden Coathanger, priced at P150
Divina says False

3 Punches

First Punch - #27: P25,000 (GO)
Second Punch - #20: P25,000 (GO)
Third Punch - #15: P5,000 (LOSS)

Divina won P5,000

For the Record the P100,000 is in Punch #9

Showcase Showdown:
Divina: First spin is .65, STAYS
Jas: First spin is 100, WINS P5,000

Divina leaves with P11,800

Spin-Off of Sudden Death:
Hannah: .10
Jas: .50

Hannah leaves with P4,980
Jas goes to the showcase

Jas' Pick: #9 = P30,000
P50,000: 6

Muebies Wardrobe Cabinet
Nike Sports Apparel
Photography Package (Sony HD Camera and Tripod and Digital Photo Frame)
Ford Fiesta Sports Hatchback (Ford Quezon Avenue; Match Game Hollywood Squares Hour Theme is the Cue)

RANGE: P30,000
BID: P1,080,000
ARP: P946,197

Jas final total: P41,494

Games Won: 2 for 4
Total Winnings: P125,644

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Re: TPIR (Philippines) - February 15, 2011 (Episode #2)
« Reply #1 on: February 18, 2011, 10:14:26 AM »
I think it's very nice that the Philippines "TPiR" is using the old cues that our version just decided to cut off for whatever reasons.
I wonder will their "TPiR" have a train and a tugboat and use both of them in their showcases like ours used to.
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