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TPIR (Philippines) - February 16, 2011 (Episode #3)
« on: February 19, 2011, 04:23:26 PM »
Paolo, Yolanda, Evleen, Patrick comes on down

IUFB #1: Alarm Clock and Cue #26 is the cue

Paolo: P2,100
Yolanda: P1,850
Evleen: P2,280
Patrick: P1,500

ARP: P2,650

Evleen wins and plays Easy as 1-2-3 for a Kids Hummer (Toys-R-Us), Tyler Three Seater Sofa (Ambiance One), Nintendo WII w/ Games (Toys-R-Us) and Cue #15 is the Cue

Block #1: Wii
Block #2: Kiddie Car
Block #3: Couch

Wii: P14,399.50
Kiddie Car: P14,999
Couch: P17,300 (WIN!)

Zsa Zsa comes on down

IUFB #2: Mirror and Cue #89 is the cue

Zsa Zsa: P5,500
Patrick: P3,400
Paolo: P6,450
Yolanda: P4,800

ARP: P9,000

Paolo wins and plays Hole in One for an IPad (Power Mac Center), Sony Cybershot Camera (14 Pixels) worth over P63,000 and Cue #19 is the Cue

Dish Brush
3 Flaneras
Oregon Blackberries (Salem, OR)
Bath Towel
Vanilla Extract

Paolo's Guessees: Vanilla, Llanera, Dish Brush, Blackberries, Bath Towel, Candles
Result: Vanilla (P12.25), Llanera (P69.75), Dish Brush (P29.75) LOSS!!
FTR: Blackberries (P139.50), Bath Towel (P299.75), Candles (P216)

Paolo has 2 Tries
1st Putt: MISSED!


Paolo: .90, STAYS
Evleen: .35 + .15 = .50 NOT ENOUGH PAOLO WINS!

Yul comes on down

IUFB #3: A Lighthouse Lamp (White and Purple)

Yul: P7,500
Yolanda: P8,000
Zsa Zsa: P6,200
Patrick: P1,200

ARP: P2,800

Patrick wins and plays Double Prices for a City Mattress Living Room Set

The Setup: P68,000 or P79,000
Chooses: P79,000 (LOSS! - Should've said P68,000)

Arcelline comes on down

IUFB #4: Nico and Silver Coated Yacht Decor

Arcelline: P4,500
Yul: P5,100
Yolanda: P4,900
Zsa Zsa: P5,600

ARP: P4,500

Arcelline wins and gets a P5,000 Bonus for getting a Perfect Bid plus she wants more money and plays It's In the Bag for P80,000 as Track #12 from the Tom Kennedy Additions Package (Television Production Music Museum and the TVPMM Vault) as the cue

Our Dog Dog Shampoo (500 ml)
Ace Cuticle Scissors
Crunchy Spicy Garlic (220 grams)
Dried Taro Leaves
Wasabi Powder

P15 -> Toothpicks
P234.75 -> Our Dog Dog Shampoo
P89.50 -> Wasabi Powder
P99.75 -> Cuticle Scissors
P43 -> Taro Leaves

P15 -> Toothpicks (MATCH! = P5,000)
P234.75 -> Our Dog Dog Shampoo (MATCH! = P10,000)
P89.50 -> Wasabi Powder (NO MATCH = Garlic)
P99.75 -> Cuticle Scissors (MATCH!)
P43 -> Taro Leaves (NO MATCH = Wasabi)


Patrick: .70, STAYS
Arcelline: .35 + .25 = .60 Not Enough Patrick will go to the spinoff!


Paolo: .70
Patrick: .15 PAOLO WINS!


Paolo's Pick: 2 = P50,000

Gibson Patio Set (Handyman)
26 Gear Cyclone Mt. Bike (Handyman)
Lounge Antigravity Chair (Handyman)
Charbroil Grill (Handyman)
Cooler (Handyman)
Sunrise Tent w/ Pillow (Handyman)
Venture Jackets (The Travel Clab)
Mazda2 (Mazda Quezon Avenue - Quezon City; Match Game Hollywood Squares Hour Theme is the Cue)

RANGE: P50,000
BID: P850,000
ARP: P866,425
DIFF: P16,425 (WIN!)

Paolo's final total: P875,425

Games won: 1 for 4
Total Winnings: P946,073.50