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TPIR (Philippines) - April 2, 2011 (First Weekly Episode)
« on: April 02, 2011, 11:14:57 AM »
Minerva, Reggie, Rodante and Mary Grace comes on down

IUFB #1: Washing Machine

Minerva: P2,900
Regie: P2,350
Rodante: P3,595
Mary Grace: P3,200

ARP: P3,699

Mary Grace arrives first from Contestants Row and plays One Right Price for Videoke Machine and a Toshiba 21" TV and a pair of Pedicabs

ORP: P32,000
Mary Grace choses the Videoke Machine
ARP: P30,000 (LOSS!)
Pedicab ARP: P32,000

Franklin comes on down

IUFB #2: A Sofa Bed

Minerva: P3,000
Regie: P2,300
Rodante: P4,575
Franklin: P2,500

ARP: P5,795

Rodante gets out of Contestant Row and plays Five Price Tags for a Bigasan Package consists of 50 sacks of a Rice (Milagrosa, Sinadomeng, Jasmin and Dinorade) and a Rice Cooker with Splendido as the cue

First Item: Mat Tathione
P2,700 True or False
Rodante guesses True
YES! 1/4

Second Item: Tea Kettle
Rodante guesses false
YES! P575 2/4

Third Item: Facial Sauna
Rodante guesses false
YES! P180 3/4

Fourth Item: Delimondo Luncheon Meat (on a can)
Rodante guesses false (for a possible sweep)
NO! TRUE Still Gets 3/4

Note: All Small Prizes uses the Cue The Cats


Rodante guess P91,030 WIN!

Christine comes on down but Minerva and Regie has an attempt to leave the FFBC if this happens.

IUFB #3: Blender

Minerva: P3,600
Regie: P4,000
Christine: P4,500
Franklin: P3,500

ARP: P4,000
Regie leaves the FFBC and wins P5,000 forcing Minerva to go to the membership desk and plays It's In The Bag for P120,000

Well Belated April Fools!, so he will play Secret X instead for that amount (P120,000), so here's what he did after he places a Free X


SP#1: Rice Cooker (A Different One This Time)
P695 or P675
Regie guesses P675 (YES!)

SP#2: 3D Mini Fan
P675 or P695
Regie guesses P695 (YES!)

After he places the 2 X's the board looked like this




WIN! and Yeah by Chris Brown is played

Showcase Showdown playing for points
Mary Grace (P3,699) - 10 + 25 = 35
Rodante (P100,280) - 15 + 90 = 105 (OVER!)
Regie (P135,370) - 100 (EXACTLY)

Dance to the Music by Sly and the Family Stone played as Regie wins it by adding P25,000 more for a total of P160,370.


Regie selected #4 and gets P30,000
P50,000 was next door from #4

Primer Corporation 30 Pairs of Shoes [Fortune Hunter]
homeworld Display Shelves and Ottoman Chair [Fortune Hunter]
Muebles Asia 6 Piece Dining Room Set w/ Dinnerware
Mitsubishi Strada (Union Motor Corporation) [MG-HS Hour] (Probably American TPIR will give away Mitsubishi automobiles soon)

RANGE - P30,000
BID - P1,100,000
ARP - P1,113,769
DIFF - P13,769 (Play Them off Mr. Lionel Richie as Dancing on the Ceiling Plays after DTTM that's Dance To The Music (Sly and the Family Stone) plays, Regie wins his showcase)


Pricing Games Won - 2 for 3 (Unless if Mary Grace would have picked the Side Car she would have won both to make that a perfect show)
Total Winnings - P1,353,118