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The WPG Special Edition for 11/22/2006
« on: November 21, 2006, 06:41:45 PM »

Special Rules apply for this extravaganza and heres how it works.  Those of you who have played in a prior FPGWillyT MDSPG will know how this works.

Part A:  Select 10 Pricing games and number them from 10 down to 1, 10 being your most likely selection and 1 being your least likely selection.  You'll receive that # of points if the game is played.  If all six are in your list you will receive 20 bonus points.

Part B:  There will be eleven OVER/UNDER Selections.  Fairly simple to do, just pick OVER or UNDER.  For every one selected correctly, receive 5 points.

Do the math, 10+9+8+7+6+5+55=100.
Of course, getting all 6 games correctly adds 20, so that makes a maximum possible score of 120.

Cash ONLY will be awarded as follows:

Score 50 or less, receive your points x $1,000 in cash.
Score 85 to 51, receive $2,500 in cash x points.

Manage to score 86 or more points and receive $5,000 in cash for every point.

The winners of the game will receive bonuses as follows:

Winner:  $100,000
2nd Place:  $60,000
3rd Place:  $40,000

Good luck.  Here are your over unders for the game

A.  Total ARP of all IUFB's:  $7,599.50
B.  Total of all Trips Offered during a PG (not SC):  $ 6,249.50
C.  Total ARP of all CARS offered on the show during pricing games (acutal cars, not gems, campers or moving tornado targets and not counting SC cars):  $ 39,249.50
D.  Total No Pricing Games Won:  2.5
E.  Total Won on The Big Wheel:  $ 999.50
F.  Total No of Male Contestants to Get Called:  2.5
G.  Total ARP Both Showcases:  $ 56,565.50
H.  Biggest IUFB ARP:  $ 3,395.50
I.  ARP Total of the SP's Used:  $ 210.50
J.  Total Winnings on the Show:  $ 74,999.50
K.  No of perfect IUFB Bids:  0.5

Good luck!