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Anyone watch last night's finale?  It was the only night I watched all season. :-) Janusz certainly deserved to win, and the guy who finished second (I forgot what his name was) definately had the second-best.  They were far and away the best two inventions out of the four.

That was the only episode I've seen all season too. Janusz deserved to win. I also thought Ed's invention was also great. I was confused about how the other guy's invention worked though.

I too only watched the result show [as well as the one before it]. When it came down to Janusz and Ed, I had the thing predicted 100% [including the Hasbro rep. entering to offer Ed a position/internship/etc.]

I've actually been watching this show just about the entire season.  I thought it was very interesting.  I really wanted Erik to win.  He put a lot of thought and effort into his invention and into selling the idea to the people.  He also had a great personality.  And, he made a lot of effort to improve his invention from how it was when the show started.  I think what killed him though was his commercial.  He had a nice idea with the commercial but he made it too gimmicky with that mechanical hand.  He should have taken the focus off that and showed/described his invention more.  Janusz did deserve it though, and I loved his and Ed's commercials.  They should all have great success with their inventions in the future.


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