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TPIRecap: A vous de jouer! (Aired: October 12th, 2011)
« on: October 14, 2011, 08:46:41 PM »
As evidenced in this episode, while the show is sponsored by a Nissan car dealership, there is actually a Honda motorcycle offered here.

First four:

IUFB:  Wine Fridge from Frigidaire (Michel:  Attention Philippe, bottles not included)

Danielle: $600
Mafunga: $499
Jessica: $699
Jean-Philippe P.: $400


Danielle: $185
Mafunga: $199
Jessica: $300
Jean-Philippe: $200

ARP: $259

Jean-Philippe is playing Golden Road (La ruée vers l'or)
Prizes:  Armani Sunglasses, Gateway Computer, 14-karat ring, Nissan Titan

Incorrect price: $160
Jean-Philippe selects higher

Gateway Computer
Incorrect price: $600
Selects higher

14-karat ring
Incorrect price: $1,850
Selects lower
CORRECT! ARP: $1,479

Nissan Titan
Incorrect price: $39, 259
Selects Lower

Next:  Jean-Philippe M.
IUFB: Leather gloves

Jean-Philippe M.:  $49
Danielle: $165
Mafunga: $120
Jessica: $50

ARP: $325

Danielle is playing Push Over (La Chute - "The Chute")
Prize: Frigidaire fridge and stove
Numbers: 5-2-3-9-3-4-1-8-0
Selection: $2393
Price: $3418 LOSS

Danielle forgot to push the 5 as well.

Next: Amélie

IUFB: Cooking pot

Amélie: $120
Mafunga:  $150
Jessica:  $151
Jean-Philippe M.: $152

ARP: $400

Jean-Philippe is playing Hole in one
Prize:  Trip to london and bentley luggage (Price:  $4,820)

This version does not offer a second chance, nor any extra cash bonus for getting the grocery products right.

Grocery Products:
French onion soup
Swiffer refills
Clairol Nice 'n' Easy
Five Alive 1 litre Juice box
1 can of whole chestnuts
Pampers swaddlers

He places them in this order:
Juice (Least expensive)
Mop Refills
Hair Colour

Juice:  $1.79
Chestnuts:  $7.29
Soup: $3.79

Inspiration putt: GOT IT!
Jean-Philippe's putt: LOSS (to the left)

Showcase Showdown #1
Danielle's Spins:  1- 80 no 2nd spin Total: 80
Jean-Philippe M.'s Spins: 1 - 60 and 2 - 10 Total: 70
Jean-Philippe P.'s Spins: 1 - 80 no 2nd spin Total: 80

Danielle: 40
Jean-Philippe P.: 85 (Showcase)

Next: Julie

IUFB: 2 bath robes made with cotton

Julie: $225
Amélie: $200
Mafunga: $369
Jessica: $226

ARP: $498

Mafunga is playing Pick-a-pair (Les 2 font la paire "
Prize:  Honda Motorcycle (Price: Not mentioned)

Grocery Products:
Parmesan cheese
Cover girl mascara
Sunkist fruit snacks
Carpelli extra virgin olive oil
Dawn dish soap
Olay wet cleansing cloths

Mafunga's picks:
Cheese: $6.89
Wipes: $6.89 WIN!

Next:  Emilie

IUFB: 2 glass vases??

Emilie: $250
Jessica: $290
Julie: $300
Amélie: $320

ARP: $380

Amélie is playing One Right Price (Le Match Parfait - "The Perfect Match")
Prizes:  Trip to a lodge in Mont-Tremblant  and a Bicycle
Price of one of the prizes: $2,600
Selects the bicycle
Price of the trip: $2,000

Next: Patrick

IUFB: Watering thing that you attach your hose to
Patrick: $399
Emilie: $475
Jessica: $575
Julie: $578


Patrick: $99
Emilie: $65
Jessica: $170
Julie: $100

ARP: $189

Jessica Escapes and plays  Punch-a-bunch
Prize: Suzuki Kingquad Price: $9,000)

While this version is played for a prize, the contestant keeps all money accumulated, win or lose.

Small Prizes:
Cuisinart Waffle maker
Incorrect price: $74
Selects lower
ARP: $65

Bentley Wallet
Incorrect price: $32
Selects lower
ARP: $40

Clothing bag
Incorrect price: $89
Selects higher
ARP: $80

Jessica earns 2 punches

1st punch:  Top, 4th column from right.  Card:  $250
2nd punch:  2nd row from top, 3rd column from left. Card: $250 LOSS

Showcase showdown #2

Jessica's spins: 1st spin - 55 2nd spin - 90 total: 140
Amélie's spins: 1st spin - 85 no 2nd spin total: 85
Mafunga's spins: 1st spin - 10 2nd spin - 50 total: 60

Prizes: Mini electric Barbecue, Gazebo with chairs, 2 outdoor lights, and a spa

Amélie:s bid: $19,500
Jean-Philippe P.'s bid: $8,500

ARP: $20,855

Amélie wins with over $25,000