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You know the thought never really occured to me, but has anyone ever noticed that Bob has never asked the contestants on the MDS specials what they would do with a million dollars?

Also what would you guys do with the million dollars?

I know the first thing is I would definetely pay off my bills for school.  Then maybe I might move out of my parents house and put the rest of the money in the bank for daily and future uses.

I think I'd buy my mom and dad some stuff they wanted, then I'd pay for college and get some stuff for myself, and then I think I'd donate the rest to charity.  I can't think of what I'd do with $1 million.  :-D

Pay off the taxes first.
Buy my dad a new car.
Pay off my college.
Pay off my credit cards.
Put some money away.
Buy some designer clothes.
Buy a new TV.
That's about it offhand.

I would buy me a motorhome. Travel around the U.S I don't like to fly at all. It would also come in use if I wanted to stay a extra day, after special olymics is over.

Buy a t.v save the rest for a rainy day.

Move out of California faster than you can say "California, burn in..."

You get the idea.


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